Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory provides 21 characters, each of whom’s face is divided into four separate tiles.

The printed instruction set includes Dr. Lakra’s favorite 50 facial combos.

Tons of fun to be had making up new, weird characters.

Not a bad gift idea for kids of parents who grew up with Mad Magazine and Garbage Pail Kids.

Mix’n’match’n’mix’n’match--there’s about 190,000 combos to discover.

Good times!

Beyond The Garbage Pail: Awesomely Grotesque Playing Cards For Kids

Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory presents an awesome—and pretty nasty—cast of ever-changing characters.

Dr. Lakra isn’t necessarily the first person who’d come to mind when considering interactive children’s toys. The Oaxaca-based artist, born Jerónimo López Ramírez, has made a pseudonym for himself by expertly applying permanent ink to people’s bodies over the past two decades—with a particular knack for mid-century-inspired pinups—while his gallery work often explores the intricacies of sex and violence alongside a litany of his wide-ranging, somewhat obscure interests. And though his portfolio isn’t particularly kid-friendly, Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory is a new box of puzzlelike tiles that allow the tattoo master to share his work with a younger generation.

The set comes with 84 triangles, each of which features one-fourth of a face line-drawn in Lakra’s signature style. The 21 black-and-white characters are sweaty and slobbering, beset with skin conditions, missing teeth, band-aids and nose-rings, snouts and beaks—Mad Magazine meets the Garbage Pail Kids for the growing youth of today. Each of the recycled-cardboard pieces were designed to be mixed and matched, allowing for a near-infinite array of new visages to be created (well, to be exact, it’s only 190,000, but that’s still a lot of potential rearranging).

So give your kin the knowledge that beauty ain’t everything, and there are a lot of fascinating features to be found in those who aren’t model-perfect—or even freaking close. Dr. Lakra’s Mutant Laboratory can be yours for $27.

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