This Full-Sized Urban Bike Weighs A Mere 11 Pounds

Why yes, that is a little girl holding a $20,000 performance bike proudly over her head!

It’s called the BlackBraid—what I imagine to be some long lost pirate, or maybe a pirate ship, or maybe a pirate ship named after its pirate captain. But it’s no treacherous, sea-oriented thing. The BlackBraid is actually a carbon-fiber bike designed for urban travel. And it weighs a mere 11 pounds, making it one of the lightest bikes on the planet.

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The frame is of particular note. It’s what gives the bike its unbelievable lightness, and it’s also the BlackBraid’s namesake. Crafted from specially braided carbon fiber developed by a partner in Munich, the tubes have incredible rigidity, despite being mostly air. Carbon components have been sourced through much of the rest of the bike as well, including the chainwheel, sprocket, and chain. And no doubt, seeing the final product—what might appear to be a casual collection of carbon-fiber components—overlooks all of the challenges that went into the build. Carbon fiber is notoriously finicky to engineer around.

"The [creative] process was a mixture of the design possibilities and of the stiffness needs of the carbon," CEO Manuel Ostner writes. "We don’t see creativity and engineering competing with one another."

I’ve been trying to think up analogs for a bike this light. A bag of potatoes? A house cat? There’s a good parallel: This bike is as light as your cat and a whole lot easier to ride. And if you’re interested, the bike runs just shy of $20,000.

Buy it here.

[Hat tip: Style Addiction]

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  • Fred

    It's not about class warfare. It's about reality. I duly noted and recognized the technology.

  • Fred

    You're talking to less than the 1%. $20,000., who are are you kidding. I know the technology is what it's about. It still ticks me off, that people don't have that much to live on in a year. In this country? If I don't stop I'll say something really inappropiate.

  • Asperous2

    >> "It still ticks me off, that people don't have that much to live on in a year. In this country? If I don't stop I'll say something really inappropiate."

    Do we have the RIGHT to be able to work for $20,000 or more each year?

  • archie_stanton

    Calm down Fred - stop making this about class warfare. 
    It's a technological leap that sets benchmarks for manufacturing in new formats. Eventually in 5 years, someone figures out how to integrate this kind of process into larger assemblies and make it cheaper. 

    Then you and I get to spend less of our money on a product that's more advanced. Anyone buying this bike at the $20K figure helps fund that outgrowth.