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Your Lazy Coworkers Are Happier Than You Are

A new study finds what we all suspected. There is no God. And some people are skating by and loving it.

I knew a guy once, and maybe you did, too. He came in late. He left early. His output was consistently lousy, and when the chips were down, he was never the guy tapped to stay late.

But boy, did he smile a lot.

According to new research, there’s a good chance that guy really was lazier and happier than me (and you). Leadership IQ examined 207 companies that had kept very close tabs on employee performance and engagement. And what they found was that in 42% of companies, the underachieving actually do skate by. As Leadership IQ’s CEO explained to the WSJ:

‘Low performers often end up with the easiest jobs because managers don’t ask much of them,’ he said, so they’re under less stress and they’re more satisfied with their daily work lives.

Meanwhile, dedicated and conscientious workers end up staying at the office late, correcting the work of the low performers, and making sure clients or customers are satisfied. This pattern breeds frustration and disengagement in the high performers—and perhaps ultimately drives them to seek work elsewhere. 'They feel stressed and undervalued, and it starts to undermine the high performers’ confidence that the organization is a meritocracy,' said Mr. Murphy.

Interestingly enough, the study suggests that low performers may actually be oblivious to their own inadequacy (or at least, they’re smart enough to pretend). And on the plus side, at least they weren’t whining all day like the employees who stayed late, again. I mean, c’mon people. I got all my work done already, and I came in at noon!

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  • Paul DiBello

    The lazy guy doesn't get to feel comfortable in my work place.  One just left because although he was happy (at least he smiled a lot), his output was low and come review time it was time to implement the "plan" as in performance improvement plan (PIP). The handwriting was on the wall after that as typically a PIP leads to progressive discipline and ultimately to leaving, so the lazy guy packed up and left.  If the organization is lazy and won't ask every employee to raise their standard, then individuals will soon find that lazy is rewarded.  If the organization rewards achievement and punishes mediocrity then employees understand that lazy is dangerous. 

  • Dave Soutee

     To address the concerns of many on this message board:

    It is a rather common phrase, sometimes asked in the form of a question ("Is there no god?!") and simply refers to frustration with the general unfairness of life. The writer here appears to be using it for the sake of humor, and did not intend to start a serious theological discussion.

  • Vongsawat

    Agreed. In this context, it just basically means "Life isn't fair" that's all. Not quite sure what all the theological arguments are for..

  • Medusa

    Remember, prefacing what you say with an affirmation of faith validates any opinion. 

    Thor told me that, and he should know.

  • Al

    as a Christian, I'm sad for you. As an executive, I have no place for your attitude.

  • ranndino

    I would fire you as an executive because you're obviously not intelligent enough to understand a simple joke. Let me explain it to you. "There is no god" referred to people who don't work hard enough skating by without any punishment. Do you get it now? Do you?

    P.S. Most Christians seem to confirm the stereotype that they're stupid with their posts. That is what you should feel sad about.

  • $16223330

    It's hilarious how easily offended you religious people are. Relax and celebrate this fantastic pagan holiday.

  • Eduardo

    Wow. If you're happy then I hope it lasts, but don't pretend to bring God into your completely unprofessional work.

  • Tony

    Leave God out of it. As a Christian, your subtle jabs at spirituality are unwanted and unnecessary. They may make you happy, but they are on a related note, lazy.

  • Bill

    The jabs are necessary so that the youngin's out there reading the internet know that people aren't cool with religion, so hopefully they will shy away from a life of mindless, toxic, faith.