Newson at home, sitting on his famed Felt Chair.

Newson is one of the only designers alive whose works sell like art.

The Low Voronoi Shelf, made of carved marble. The shapes are derived from drawings by famed Russian mathematician George Voronoi. The larger version goes for $150,000.

The chair that launched Newson’s career: The Lockheed Lounge. Newson riveted it himself, but initially he couldn’t sell them. At $2.1 million, the chair is now the priciest piece of design created by a living designer.

Newson also happens to be BFF with Jony Ive.

Just a touch of lodgey coziness to keep the place from feeling cold.

Newson’s daughter plays on a rocking horse he designed for Magis.

Newson’s daughter plays on a rocking horse he designed for Magis.

Newson with his Diode Lamp.

He apparently likes marble?

Newson’s Wooden Chair.

Newson’s Wooden Chair.

Newson’s Wooden Chair.

Newson’s Wooden Chair.

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Marc Newson's House Makes Me As Giddy As A School Girl

Peek inside the superstar designer’s not-too-cool, not-too-cozy home.

While a single object can offer a glimpse into designers' psyche, there's one surefire way to see what they really think is important: Look at their house. In this short tour of Marc Newson's London home, for example, we see plenty of evidence of the superstar designer's fascination with material—but we also see a deft balance of the contemporary and the comfortable.

"We didn't want a kind of New York loft vibe," Newson explains in the clip, part of's In Residence series. "We wanted something that was kind of warmer and felt comfortable." And, indeed, the huge space's futuristic minimalism is tempered by playfulness and practicality throughout. The house is wrapped in massive, curving white walls—though they're complemented by a long stretch of river rocks from Novia Scotia (also serving as an impromptu climbing wall for Newson's daughter, which is totally adorable). Similarly, plush sofas sit alongside the designer's signature biomorphic chairs.

It's a very cool house. But not too cool to actually live in.

[Hat tip: Nowness]

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  • AWOL_Andy

    It's good to finally see someone who can afford to buy his designs....hey wait...