"A Box From" is a neat new project: You send Elin Aram some money, she’ll send you a curated box of goods from a faraway land.

The beta box, which sold out in an hour, collected goods from Seoul.

After a bender with Soju your mind is a bit disorientated.
A double degree from Stanford and Hongdae doesn’t come for free.
Get organized with these labels.

There’s basically a bunch of huge companies that rule the country.
Lotte is one of them.

Besides owning a professional baseball team, selling oil and
running a theme park, the true reason to its success
it probably due to its will and strength of making fantastic snacks.

Hence, Pepero! Awesome sticks covered in chocolate to share with a dear friend.
Wait, did you know that Pepero even has its own day?!
Couples give boxes of Pepero to each other as a romantic gift on the 11th of November
because the sticks resemble the number 11/11.

Originally from North Korea, these cold noodles are a treat. They’re served during hot summer days or as a after a big hot barbecue session. The noodles are long and according to tradition you are not supposed to cut them before you eat them - a long noodle symbolizes a long life. But it’s OK to cut them with scissors nowadays. Or you’ll get a noodle beard.

Eat it as a quick lunch meal accompanied by a noisy but still functional air conditioner during July. Or at 4 am in the morning with your last shot of soju (works any time of the year).

You can add sliced cucumber, slices of beef and a hardboiled egg to the soup. Some places even put crushed ice in the broth. Don’t forget to add the mustard that comes in a little bag!

Served in a pot or a little cup, this tea is the start of every traditional feast. Great for your blood circulation, motion sickness or even shortness of breath. Serve it luke warm.

Be patient. It’s an acquired taste.

This notepad is beautifully clean cut with a blistering white canvas and a shiny golden headline. This is a perfect blend of modern Korean design inspired by the strict aesthetics of former East German style.

This is so quintessential Korean. You buy a notepad in a nice color. It’s nice. You feel good. Wow, it’s that a guy dressed out as a cat? Amazing.

Wait. Then you flip the side and discover another color!

It’s "service". "se-vi-zuh" Service is the free ice cream buffet at the karaoke place. The 12 free products you get at the beauty store. The extra time at the video game room you rent by the hour. It’s all about getting more than you expect.

Collagen. One of the most popular words in the gigantic Korean beauty business. Originally, used to inject in the face or lips for a boost, but now the essence is used in a variety of products. From collagen pills, creams and even popular drinks to make your skin look younger - you name it. Yum?

There’s a collagen mask in the box for you to try it out yourself. This mask comes from Missha, one of the most popular beauty chains. The mask makes your skin feel silky, nourished and firm.

Directions 1. After washing your face, prepare the skin with toner. 2. Spread the sheet mask evenly over the face. 3. Leave it for 15-20 minutes


"It’s hard to give a representative view of a place," she explains.

"I try my best not to. I want the boxes to provide a sneak peek of my perspective."

The aim, Aram explains, is to "tell the stories about the cities you haven’t heard yet."

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Curated Souvenirs From A Country You've Never Been To

In her project "A Box From," Elin Aram takes the trip, but you get the unique trinkets.

One of the joys of traveling is collecting souvenirs. Now, thanks to Elin Aram, you can do it without ever leaving your house.

For her new project, "A Box From," Aram is selling carefully curated boxes of goods from cities around the world for 30 EUR a pop. The "beta" box, from Seoul, features little things like local noodles and tea, a packet of chocolate snacks, some notebooks, and a collagen face mask. They might not seem remarkable, but each was selected for a reason.

The aim, Aram explains, is to "tell the stories about the cities you haven’t heard yet." The chocolate sticks, for example, are made by Lotte, one of the conglomerates that "seem to rule the country," Aram says. In addition to snacks, Lotte also has theme parks and sells oil. The collagen mask "tells the story of the hunt for youth and beauty in Korea."

But the point isn’t to come up with a cross-section of an entire city or culture. Aram tries to pick things that are uniquely interesting to her. "It’s hard to give a representative view of a place," she says. "I try my best not to. I want the boxes to provide a sneak peek of my perspective."

The first batch of boxes from Seoul sold out in just over an hour, and Aram’s already roaming the bazaars of Tehran working on the next one. She explained how she’d just been to a concert at a restaurant where the band exclusively played 50-year-old songs. Everyone knew them word for word. And yet, looking around, Aram noticed that the plastic wrap was purposefully left on the legs of the chairs to give the impression that they were all brand new.

"The obsession with the fresh out of the box stuff and the surrounding conservative and nostalgic culture fascinates me," she says. "Thats one perspective I want the next box to represent."

The plan is to make boxes for several more cities throughout the year. I’m sure they’ll be popular, too—getting stuff from a faraway place is exciting, even when you’re not the one doing the traveling.

See more on the A Box From site.

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