Adobe: There Will Be No Creative Suite 7

No Illustrator CS7? No Photoshop CS7? What’s going on??

Many design firms buy the new Adobe Creative Suite whenever it comes out. After all, the software is a mainstay for anyone who creates on computers. But today, Adobe has announced that there will be no Creative Suite 7.

UPDATE: Read their justification here.

That’s because the Creative Suite is giving way to the Creative Cloud--a subscription-based model in which you pay for access to Adobe’s software monthly. And as it appears, their famous individual products that traditionally make up Creative Suite, like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign won’t be available for individual purchase, either. This June, those apps will go the way of subscription as well. Here’s the pricing from TNW:

For creatives that rely on the company’s upgrade paths, some will be pleased to find that anyone with a CS 3 or later serial number will get their first Creative Cloud year for $29.99 per month. For everyone else, the complete version of Creative Cloud will set you back $49.99 per month, or you can purchase a single app license subscription for $19.99 per month.

For teams, the same applies, but you’ll pay $69.99 per month per user or $39.99 if you’ve purchased CS 3 or later — added perks include significantly more cloud storage. For students, CC will set you back $19.99 per month for the complete version, and there is also now a 'Teams for Education’ offering at $39.99 per month per user.

No doubt, the Creative Cloud is a means for Adobe to control piracy whilst (theoretically) lowering the bar of version-by-version interoperability. It also forces the industry to constantly pay for Adobe products, rather than sit on a collection of perfectly good software from a few years back.

As of right now, it appears Adobe has the market dominance to make this happen. But when youngsters, who aren’t sitting on five and six-figure design contracts to justify the purchase, aren’t able to pirate Photoshop, you do have to wonder: What platform will the next generation of creatives use for design?

Read more here and here.

[Hat tip: TNW]

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  • safwanahmed

    do you know what im gonna pay for this 0.35 cents for the whole software you can get any software for just 35pkr in pakistan then why the fuck should i buy something correction rent something at 5000pkr for a month i bought all versions from 7.0 to cs6 but not anymore i use to go to saddar which is the main market buy the way and buy the original version but fuck these guys im going pirate

  • safwanahmed

    do you know what im gonna pay for this 0.35 cents for the whole software you can get any software for just 35pkr in pakistan then why the fuck should i buy something correction rent something at 5000pkr for a month i bought all versions from 7.0 to cs6 but not anymore i use to go to saddar which is the main market buy the way and buy the original version but fuck these guys im going pirate

  • Vilhjálmur Magnússon

    GIMP + Inkscape! OpenSource and free as in free to do what every you want with it and free as in no purchase needed. Plus anyone who wants to sponsor the projects can do so and anyone with programming skills can take part in the development of the software. That's the future and that's the platform the future generation will use and develop.

  • Twombly

    Speaking for the starving college animator/graphic artist: access to the professional standard is paramount when training and creating a resume. forcing monthly subscriptions has historically never sat well with millennials, and we take this crap sitting down! blogging and boycotting that is... 

    furthermore, what we learn on is what we use when we graduate. Why toss out what got me the job? 


    Final Cut Pro X (widely considered a joke.)

    Xbox one (redacted their entire launch strategy and removed cloud, subscription, and internet based features. An unconditional surrender.) 

    Adobe (your move.)

  • Scir Ninetyone

    yep i still use final cut pro 7. fcpx is AWFUL and i have it too. i saw what m$oft did with xbox one. they tried to destroy the used games market or the idea that you cannot let your friend play your game.

  • Jonathan Gilbert

    It's a subscription model; pay for it when you need it. If you have no work on to pay for it, don't rent it. If you're learning to use the software; use it in class, or cough up for it. If it's a hobby, get something open source, or a different software package. There's plenty of choice. Adobe loses nothing by making it harder for people to pirate its software. They aren't shrinking their market. Nothing in life is free.

  • ASHPoD

    Pirates will stop at nothing to get their products. No doubt about it, a pirated copy will appear. This actually infuriates me so much. I've legally bought CS4 and CS6 in the past. This is not fair to the people that actually legally bought copies of the program in the past, and was planning on buying a legal copy of CS7. Monthly subscription fee? I'd rather pay 1000 dollars one time for Photoshop, something that's my hobby and I use on a daily basis. My god, I'm going to create a for this. This is highly disadvantaging younger artists that hardly have any money. While my dad does buy each version for me, he's not going to pay 20 dollars a month for an upgraded version of Photoshop! No doubt about it, my school will, but it releases next year. I'll have only one year before I have to let it go. As someone who has bought their products with great passion (I even went so far as to create a PS-themed OC because I love PS so much), I think this time, I might have to go torrent it. It just isn't fair to those students that one, are too young to get a job, and two, have a job but can't afford it. I think that they should just stick to CS7 and abandon CC. 

  • Don Austen

    My greatest fears are becoming a reality. Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple iWork, Westlaw and Lexis Nexis totally on cloud servers. iBooks replacing print. Digital movies and music downloaded from cloud servers. Soon hard drives will become a thing of the past. All human knowledge and access to knowledge will be stored somewhere else. History and news can be rewritten in milliseconds. Facts can be altered. All that you write or record will be available to the government. Big Brother has arrived.

  • Tom Froese

    Cry me a danged river. Adobe creates this brilliant software that has revolutionized the design industry, and now people act as though the company has no right to build a payment model that suits them. 
    People are content to pay up to $100 or more on mobile service subscriptions. I'd say $50 to legally use every creative product that Adobe has is a pretty respectable deal. What people are really griping about is the fact that they now actually and unavoidably have to pay for the software that is indispensable to their livelihood. If you follow the upgrade path since the first CS, you will note that it only keeps getting better. CS6 has features that CS5 didn't have, which are now indispensable to those who have grown used to them. And now Adobe has provided a solution where we both win: they get paid for the software they produce, and we always have the most up to date version with all the great features. Remember life before Content Aware? or Smart Guides? Or when you had to wait for InDesign to finish exporting to PDF before you could continue working? Upgrades are good, and paying is good, because it keeps the upgrades coming.

  • Greg Kint

    plenty of people bought the software or adobe would be out of business by. its not punishing pirates its punishing people who bough i legitimately. pirates get things when they want things. Now that adobe is making it cloud based more people who used to be legit customers will become pirates. Cloud services aren't immune to pirating. all you have to do is disconnect it from the cloud while maintaining a falsified connection to pretend you're connected to it. i bought it legitimately now i cant work on things because i don't make enough right now to maintain up to date software. If i can't use this software i cant keep my portfolio up to date and the job that i want i can't get even though i payed tons of money to for a degree to get it. i would use the open source stuff but i can guarantee you i'd have to scrap the projects i'm working on now plus they definitely don't do the same things adobe products do. there's a reason they're open source

  • OPBaboon

    While it all sounds like a great thing for the current
    industry, Adobe is alienating the next generation of creatives. I know
    hundreds of people who use (bought) adobe products professionally on a
    daily basis; most of them learned their profession on pirated copies,
    which is why they dominate the industry today.
    Adobe is making a huge mistake with this model. This happens when
    Suits, who do not really understand the culture they try to sell to.
    Very stupid move.

  • Ploubere

    As for having everything in the Cloud, I don't think the infrastructure is anywhere near ready for that, and it'll be a security nightmare. Everyone keeps trying to make the Web do stuff it was never designed for. And do you really want all your personal docs on some company's servers? 

  • Ploubere

    If you think of CS as a set of tools, then what Adobe is trying to do is get you to rent tools instead of buying them. Of course, if you already bought the Suite, you own it and can keep using it until it's no longer compatible with your operating system, but future customers will only have the option of renting. And Adobe is doing everything it can to make life difficult if you don't rent: You can't open InDesign docs in earlier versions at all, for example, and AI docs are pretty screwed up if opened in earlier versions as well. So if someone sends you an up-to-date doc, you won't be able to open it. 

    Of course, it's their business and their products and they can do what they like, but it's a big problem that they dominate the market and are the industry standard. Professionals and educators are at their mercy. 

  • Korkey Bucheck

    What many fail to understand is that people don't ONLY pay for Adobe products. They pay for other stuff like food etc. With ridiculous schemes like this with EVERYTHING it all ADDS up! Use your brain people!

  • Mars

    If it wasn't for piracy, I wouldn't be a web designer..
    sad indeed, I only hope that I will land a web design job in which the company has subscription to cc.. other then that I will stick with cs6