The Bluths return this week on Netflix.

Michael Bluth’s love interest, Rita, isn’t what she first appears to be--at least, in his eyes.

The Bluths love to hang a banner.

George Bluth may be guilty of light treason for his alleged part in constructing homes in Iraq.

George Bluth often violates the strict "no touching" policy in prison.

Occasionally, even a Bluth family member gets a turn of good luck.

The banana stand seems to have more than nine lives, after being hoisted and dropped by a crane and, later, even burned to the ground.

Infographic: An Interactive Guide To The Recurring Jokes On "Arrested Development"

Season 4 is just around the corner! Here’s a refresher on all the cleverness that came before.

This week marks the final countdown, so to speak, for die-hard Arrested Development fans, because on May 26th, Netflix will release the long-anticipated fourth season of the cult comedy show. To tide you over until that epic day, we bring every recurring joke on AD in infographic form.

Created by designers at Beutler Ink and Red Edge, Recurring Developments is an interactive chart: Click on a plot detail in the left-hand column (Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand, chicken dance, or "I’ve made a huge mistake") and lines will connect it to the episodes in which it appeared. Hovering over dots beside the episode title will reveal more specifics—like which character said "I’ve made a huge mistake" in that particular episode.

Don’t inspect Recurring Developments for fine-grained or deeply insightful synopses. You won’t find them. But it’s successful in visualizing how much fun the genius screenwriters had in peppering episodes with recurring themes throughout the previous seasons, rewarding loyal watchers with the pleasure of teasing out all the common threads. We have no doubt that some of these same jokes will pop up in Season 4, so peruse this chart as a refresher before the big day.

Click to enlarge.

Check out the interactive version here.

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    Next should be "Hello darkness my old friend" and the Charlie Brown sad song.