Krizzl is a kit that allows you to customize your iPhone case with personal doodles and drawings.

It comes with a 40-page notepad of papers, each die cut with the shape of an iPhone (4 or 5).

Use your imagination! Go wild! Anything goes.

Once you’re happy with your work, pop it out of the pad (and admire the nice, clean edges).

Set it up flush on the back of your iPhone.

Each kit also comes with a crystal clear transparent case that fits perfectly on your artwork.

40 sheets will account for a lot of costume changes for your phone.

Arts and crafts as an adult is loads of fun.

The complete kit! Everything you need to make your gadget--the one that pretty much everyone else you know has--a little different.

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A Customizable iPhone Case For Displaying Your Artwork

Now it’s easy to make your mobile one of a kind. No rhinestones required.

If you want your mobile to nab some serious attention, shatter your screen—it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. In lieu of device demolition, however, you can go with Krizzl’s Krizzl protective cases for smartphones, which are infinitely customizable and fun to boot.

The kit evolved as a collaboration between Köln-based studio Halfmann Mennickheim and Cologne-based media agency Elastique. It comes with a notepad with 40 blank pages for your own scribbles, thoughts, illustrations, to-do lists—any kind of 2-D trickery you want to document. Each sheet has a die-cut outline of an iPhone’s dimensions (four or five), which makes for easy removal while retaining incredibly crisp edges. Slip your artistic masterpiece in the transparent plastic shell, wrap that on your cell, and you’re a maverick, a vanguard, a one-of-a-kind style icon for the digital age. When you’re tired of it, swap out one pic for a new one whenever the mood strikes.

Buy your own Krizzl kit from neo-utility here for $35.

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  • Daniel Kim

    A better application for this would be to stick a blank sheet on your phone for taking short notes.