The Amazing Humidifier

Dorm design is all about space-saving economy, and how objects can take on multiple functions.

The Amazing Humidifier

This portable humidifier fits right in at home in any dorm or small room where there isn’t the space for a larger model.

The Amazing Humidifier

The "Amazing Humidifier," as its called, sits right on your desk and can be screwed on any spare plastic bottle you have lying around.

The Amazing Humidifier

The device is designed to fit nearly all plastic bottles. (Though Evian bottles will give you the most secure fit.)

The Amazing Humidifier

The humidifier is embedded with a filter and fan and is powered by a USB cord.

The Amazing Humidifier

Its makers say that the design improves on larger humidifiers in every way.

The Amazing Humidifier

It doubles as a mister, mood light, and “aroma diffuser.”

The Amazing Humidifier

It’s incredibly quiet and can run for 8 continuous hours before needing a refill.

The Amazing Humidifier

And whereas larger machines are designed for whole rooms, the Amazing Humidifier is "person-centered," making it ideal for both private and public spaces.

The Amazing Humidifier

Place it on your nightstand or take it with you to the library. Pick one up for $34.

A $34 Cap That Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Humidifier

The Amazing Humidifier lives up to its name.

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"College dorm room" is a design category in its own right. On the typological spectrum, it’s probably slotted somewhere between "micro-apartment" and "pet home."

Given the spatial constraints of college living, dorm decor requires a considered approach to modularity, function, and adaptability. It’s all about space-saving economy and the ability on the part of the designer to anticipate multiple uses for a single object.

Still, the dorm aesthetic is characterized by a certain ad hocism. See these modular milk crates that double as storage units and TV stand. Or this portable humidifier that sits right on your desk—or anywhere at all.

The Amazing Humidifier can be fixed to the top of almost any plastic bottle. The device consists of a screw-on doodad embedded with a filter and fan. A dipstick plugs into the bottom of the attachment and extends down into the bottle’s contents. Plug a USB cord into the port on the side of the cap, and watch the mist of moisture instantly rise up toward the ceiling.

The makers behind the compact humidifier say it improves on the traditional space-hogging humidifier in almost every way. It’s low maintenance and requires no cleaning—just recycle the bottle and attach a new one. It’s multifunctional: It doubles as a mister, mood light, and "aroma diffuser." It’s incredibly quiet, and it runs continuously for up to eight hours before shutting down. Best of all, they say, is how portable and "person-centered" the humidifier is. Larger machines are designed to humidify entire rooms, but the Amazing Humidifier lets you position the device anywhere you want. Take it with you to class, the library, or even on a road trip.

The product does seem to live up to its name, though I’d be uneasy to sit one next to my laptop. And it seems that the filter needs to be replaced semi-frequently, so you should load up on extras. The humidifier cap comes in several colors and can be customized with inscriptions when ordered in quantities of, um, 5,000. At any rate, I’d much rather have received one of these at freshman orientation than a cheap nylon sling bag.

You can pick up an Amazing Humidifier online for $34.

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  • Louise

    With the current situation of our environment
    these days it really pays to be creative. Dehumidifers are  becoming  more and more
    in demand.  I have recently purchased one for my daughter who turned out
    to be asthmatic.  I surely love the ease of using it and the value for
    money was surely something I  should  share.  It's worth  checking  at

  • cassette_walkman

    Given the normal human body respires 1.5 litres a day of the purest water imaginable into the air it's hard to suggest this does it better. And a bit of nonsense nonsense suggesting taking it to class. Unless you're the only one in the class. And you've stopped breathing. I know some classes have made me want to.

  • cassette_walkman

    Filtering Evian? Is that like putting on your bike helmet after leaving the hairdresser? Putting a case and screen cover on your iPhone?....

  • John Wentworth Chapin

    How about refilling instead of throwing away the bottle? Yikes.

  • Ian Graham

    approximately 12 % of water bottles are recycles in North America, and that's a high estimate

  • Fakefakefake

     my thoughts exactly! Also, I'm curious how the aroma diffuser function works..