Hot Water Bottle Gun

U.K. design student Francis North admits to being fascinated by guns and gun culture.

Hot Water Bottle Gun

After hearing of how some American gun owners actually sleep with their firearms in bed, he was inspired to design and make something that poked fun of that fact.

Hot Water Bottle Gun

His Comfort Gun is that object. The design riffs off The Beatles’ classic, "Happiness is a Warm Gun," but North’s design isn’t what it seems.

Hot Water Bottle Gun

It’s actually a hot water bottle modeled after a toy Colt M1911, the most popular American firearm.

Hot Water Bottle Gun

He created a mold using one of his old BB guns and cast it with rubber. The result is a sharp one-line that’s also functional.

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A Hot Water Bottle That Pokes Fun At America's Gun Obsession

Design student Francis North offers an ironic take on "Happiness Is A Warm Gun."

It’s a famous anecdote among Beatles fans and rock historians that John Lennon’s "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" was written as a sendup to an NRA ad emblazoned with the slogan. Despite this, the song has been largely interpreted for the innuendo-laden ode to Yoko that it was. In any case, Lennon’s colorful lyrics are evocative on many levels.

For Francis North, a second-year graphic design student at Kingston University, the song inspired him to come up with a timely, and witty, idea. The "gun" was neither a smoking firearm nor the southerly regions of the male anatomy but rather something much more innocent—a hot water bottle.

North’s hot-water-bottle gun draws on a startling number of paranoid American gun owners who profess to sleep spooning their semiautomatics. "The overlying theme was that guns were a form of comfort, in a kind of twisted and ironic way, but I quite liked this," North tells Co.Design.

The designer, who admits to having long been fascinated with guns and gun culture, explains that the project was an ironic take on the phenomenon.

The bottle, or Comfort Gun, was made using one of the designer’s broken childhood BB pellet guns. North, a practiced prop-maker, made a vacuum-formed mold of the toy—itself modeled on a Colt M1911—and cast it with rubber. The result is a finely crafted (and functional!) object imbued with vivid detail and a tactile quality. "For it to work effectively as an object, I had to make sure it has all the visual and tactile characteristics of a real hot water bottle."

The design, North says, is a "visual statement on the recent status of firearms in America" that cast an ironic, if not unsympathetic, gaze on the relationship between Americans and their guns. So if you really can’t drift off without the warm glow of a handgun, make it the water bottle kind.

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  • Leigh Rich

    Kind of stupid saying it is aimed at gun nuts. Society as a hole since the start have time has been obsessed with weapons. There are guns out of chocolate, gun shaped cigarette lighters, and  toy guns too. Just a novelty some capitalist is trying to make his fortune on..

  • barbarainwyoming

    I think this is brilliant. North transformed the gun-beneath-the-pillow ritual into something utterly benign, even cute, yet unmistakably provocative. It reminds me very much of Dunne & Raby's Huggable Mushroom Cloud.


    M9 =/= M1911..............Theres the door *points to door*. Don't let it hit you on the way out.

  • milehisnk

    Please, if you're going to write an article, at least look something up.  That was based on the Beretta 92FS/M9, not the Colt M1911.