Fumbling around with tape can be a pain in the butt. This cast iron dispenser from Black + Blum won’t tip over when you’re tearing off a strip.

The thing weighs over two pounds, so, you know--try not to drop it on your foot.

Its heft means it will last longer than the flimsy plastic ones you can get at the corner store.

It also works held aloft, and will give you a bit of an arm workout as well.

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A Tape Dispenser Designed For One-Handed Use

Now you can make shipping packages and moving day way less of a pain.

Clenched teeth and curse words usually accompany the act of holding an overstuffed cardboard box together with one hand while futzing around with a roll of packing tape with the other. The folks at Black + Blum—a brand that has, since 1998, brought a playful perspective to households basics—want to help make packing less of a hassle.

On a Roll makes the one-handed tape maneuver far less tricky, thanks to a cleverly cantilevered design that tips to the side just so. The other key element is in the sheer weight of the damn thing, a whopping 2.3 pounds of cast iron that won’t budge no matter how many times you fumble the tear-away. With it, you can secure parcels with ease. Not inconsequential: Your arm will get a nifty little workout.

At $43.50, it’s not, um, cheap. Still, it’s guaranteed to last longer than one of the flimsy plastic dispensers you get at the hardware store. (Admittedly, those are much easier to toss around.) And if you’re forever that pal who helps others move, you’re constantly on shipping duty at the office, or you just send a lot of packages, it’s a solid investment. Purchase your own here.

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  • Parsa Abdollahzadeh

    The review is really clueless...the product is nice but too heavy and too expensive aren't much interesting. I think only the part resting on the table being heavy suffices the rest is overwork.

  • Nobody

    Effing retarded review of an effing retarded product, written by an effing retarded writer who has no effing clue what she's talking about.

  • Greg

    That is an incredible tape dispenser ... I may or may not be drooling right now ;D.