It’s a trope that creative people have very messy work environments, which, despite appearances, are orderly in their own way.


Designer Wiktoria Lenart asked if could you design a workspace that stays tidy and did so without smothering a user’s creative energy.


Her "WorkNest," a modular, plug-in-play take on the work desk, attempts to answer that problem.


Lenart built a simple wood table and carved thin grooves along its edges. Curved metal stands and plastic buckets can be inserted into these gaps.


The add-on containers can be used to hold books, work/art supplies, and even living plants.


A secondary, portable unit can be used as a drawing board and vertical indoor garden.


The WorkNest can be fully optimized to suit the individual needs for each user.

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A Customizable Desk System That Tames Creative Chaos

The WorkNest lets you be messy—in an organized way.

Not everyone can work from home. (I can.) Perhaps it’s the proximity of the bed to the work area or the lack of human cohabitants to crowd around the proverbial water cooler or the espresso machine. Or maybe it’s just the matter of the work desk itself.

Polish designer Wiktoria Lenart has conceived a modular work table that may transform the way you work at home—or anywhere else. Billed as an ideal system for "creative" types, with space-dividing/expanding accoutrements, "WorkNest" can be customized by its user to their own specifications.

The design consists of a base unit, a handmade ashwood surface, whose top is carved along the edges with long grooves. Bent metal panels and plastic buckets can be fitted into these to form book and supply receptacles, writing surfaces, and display boards. Best of all, the containers can be filled with potting soil to hold plants that will brighten up your work environment.

For Lenart, the most important aspect of the design was to find a way to control the seeming chaos that mars the desks of extremely creative people. Her solution is a clean, modular system with a "lived-in" appeal. "The more we are involved in everyday tasks, the more we forget about aesthetics and imposed organisation of things and move towards something I call 'organisation by chaos,'" Lenart tells Co.Design.

"I wanted to create very simple elements that give the users the ability to organize things on the desk their own way, but where everything still remains in its own place," she continues.

Whatever shape it takes, the WorkNest is designed to echo the personality of its user. It may or may not make you more productive, but it will certainly let you rethink the way you organize your work.

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