These are the craft brewers in the U.S. that opened in 2012 alone.

And here are the 50 largest craft breweries. The East Coast powerhouse is Sam Adams. The West Coast is held down by Sierra Nevada.

As for breweries per capita, that’s a win that belongs to Vermont.

Though California rules in total craft breweries and total beer volume. Either way, it seems pretty hard to go wrong!

A Glorious Map Of Craft Beer Across The U.S.

Which state makes the most craft beer? California. But that’s only part of the story.

Lagunitas makes more than one amazing beer, as does Stone Brewing Co. Today, both of these once-tiny California breweries have blossomed into household names that you can spot on almost any decent tap. But they’re only two of the 316 craft breweries found in the monster state of California, which can boast almost double the craft breweries of the next mightiest beer state, Washington.

It’s one of many factoids you’ll pick up in The New Yorker’s interactive infographic Mapping the Rise of Craft Beer. It employs a relatively simple interface—a few toggles and mouseovers—to convey an incredible amount of information, a brown, tan, and yellow state of the union of frothy fuzzyheadedness.

The new craft breweries in 2012.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: "I guess I’ve gotta move to California now." Untrue! A more studied approach to consumption would be to weigh not just how many breweries are in a given state, but how many breweries are in a given state per person. In this regard, Vermont takes the crown. They may only have 25 craft breweries across the state, but with a population of only 626,201 people, that’s the best ratio of man to brewery in the U.S. Or if all-around performance is more your speed, Oregon should probably be your pick. It ranks fourth in variety, fifth in production, and second in breweries per capita.

It’s all enough to make a man wary of the sustainability of the craft beer movement. That is, until he cracks another cold one in the name of supporting the underdog.

See it here.

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  • John

    If you break it down as 12oz bottles of craft brew produced per person in the state, you get a better feel for the beer scene and Colorado and Oregon, not surprisingly, top the list.

    1. Colorado - 82.1 bottles/person
    2. Oregon - 64.7 bottles/person
    3. Pennsylvania - 41.3 bottles/person
    4. Ohio - 28.0 bottles/person
    5. California - 21.3 bottles/person

  • Dolewhipdude

    No mention of Colorado? Fort Collins rocks. So many microbrews all within a bike ride of each other!

  • John

    Austin too. What you really need is a breakdown by metro area. How many people are truly going to travel across a state like California, Texas, or even Colorado just to visit a brewery?