This is Tokyo from the view of the Yurikamome train.

If you were moving, maybe, 1,000 mph.

It’s a hyperlapse--a timelapse from the perspective of a moving object--mixed with multiple mirroring effects.

So Tokyo becomes a hyperreal representation of itself.

Many landscapes are a blur.

But my favorite moments are ones like this, where a city is almost floating in the clouds in a sci-fi dream.


Video: Take A Surreal 1,000 MPH Train Ride Through Tokyo

As the lights blur and the landscape mirrors, Tokyo becomes a surreal landscape of hyperreality.

I have no clue how quickly this clip zooms its way across Tokyo, but from a timelapse camera strapped on the front of an automated Yurikamome train, it looks unbelievably fast—CGI fast, mixed with a fluidity of movement that seems far beyond the bounds of bumpy reality.

Of course, trains do run on rails. So the clip, shot/edited in a continuous series of one-second exposures by Darwinfish105, is entirely real—save for one catch. Much of the landscape has been mirrored, which is what gives the images both their pseudo-real grounding and their hyperreal grandeur. Through this simple effect, Tokyo transforms into a city of nature and technology, circuits, water, lights, and sky.

Or, from a slightly different perspective, it could be a stomach-churning tour of Mechagodzilla’s GI tract.

See more here.

[Hat tip: boingboing]

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