Watch Sir James Dyson Clean Up Coffee Grounds

James Dyson has a love-hate relationship with dust. Shouldn’t a knight have a formidable foe? His newest weapon in his war on mess is the Dyson Hard. The cordless device is designed to clean hard surfaces, including Fast Company's kitchen floor.

James Dyson, the engineer famous for his bagless vacuums that won’t lose suction, came by our offices to demonstrate his latest invention: the Dyson Hard, a Swiffer meets handheld hoover. Of course we couldn’t resist having the British knight clean our own kitchen.

Perhaps it was unkind to put the good knight to work when he embodies the very ethos of Fast Company. In his words: "Revolutionary businesses are founded on the basis of science, technology, and design—not necessarily by people who might think of themselves as an entrepreneur and want to copy another idea. But these are major businesses that are going to be massive global exporters and exciting businesses." We couldn’t agree more, or resist sucking up to one of our heroes.

Read about Hard, available for $329.99 from in August, here.

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  • cassette_walkman

    Hi, I'm James Dyson and I developed this AMAZING new "Hard". It's not just a cordless vac! It's not just a mop! It doesn't just clean! It revolutionises the way we THINK about cleaning. Call now! .. and get a free set of Ginsu knives. 

  • cassette_walkman

     But hey, he definitely has THE best shoes of any infomercial guy. Those are hot.

  • jamas vonrock

    I haven't seen one of his products last more than 5 years. 
    looking good and working/lasting are two different things.

  • Hm

    Everything Dyson does either sucks or blows...
    It's about time he invented a better AC.