Here are some of the fonts you get in the pack.

1884 Espresso Angelo Moriondo

Chicago 1933

Paper Hearts



Publicite d’epoque

Hensel is "a curiously nostalgic typeface."


Bahn (inspired by old Austrian Bahn signs)

And Harper’s July.


Pay As Little As $1 For More Than 30 Typefaces

Will you want anything in this name-your-own price font collection? Maybe not. But for as little as $1, you can score a heck of a lot of new glyphs.

Name-your-own price bundles are all the rage. A collection of creators pool their products in one big package, and shoppers get to name how much they want to pay for it. Consumers get a bargain. Creators get to sell to a mass market. It’s an all-around good deal, which is why we’ve seen bundles for games, apps, music, and even books. Now, we may have the first name-your-own price bundle for graphic designers.

Over on Stack Social, you’ll find a deal for a package of 30+ fonts that’s yours to license for whatever you like. (The suggested purchase price is $49, but the average user is snagging it for all of $2.11 at the moment.) It’s a diverse collection of typefaces, including art deco print, hand-drawn glyphs, and even origami animals, in case you’re in need of some easily implemented clipart.

To be honest, there are a few atrocious designs in the collection, but to single out our least favorite would miss the point. If name-your-own pricing takes off in typography, it could be another resource for licensing. And it could allow some of the more talented free-font creators to get a bit of compensation for the cortisol, too.

Buy it here.

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  • ToddHuge

    "To be honest, there are a few atrocious designs"

    And just what do you know about good design? 

  • abby725

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