The Omni bag, from design shop Kumeko, has origami-like architecture.

All of Prague-based Kumeko’s products reflect traditional handcrafting techniques.

The geometric Omni bag behaves like paper origami structures and can fold into different shapes and sizes. The smallest of the line are purses.

And the larger versions are best suited for laundry or storage.

And the larger versions are best suited for laundry or storage.

Omni bags are a welcome alternative to the standard reusable shopping bag or plastic storage bin.

"The idea is that it will provide a practical storage solution that will add to the design aesthetics of a room, not detract from them," says designer Alexandra Fefelova.

Omni bags range from $19 to $72.

Shop the Omni line here.

A Clever, Shape-Shifting Bag Inspired By Origami

An upgrade on the tired, plastic laundry hamper.

The market for reusable tote bags not only now exists but is brimming with choices: Ripstop nylon, or leather? One hue, patterned, or with a catchphrase?

The Omni bag by Kumeko, a Prague-based design studio, is one of the most architecturally interesting examples to date. "A big part of the Kumeko ethos is the focus on preserving old-fashioned handcrafting techniques," says designer Alexandra Fefelova, who recently "rediscovered a passion for origami," which led to this geometric bag.

Omni comes in four sizes: the smallest is essentially a purse, and the largest is sized for laundry or storage. Considerate user details will be seen, especially for city-dwellers in small apartments, in the Omni’s Transformer-like versatility. The smaller two bags can transform into three different shapes, and the larger two have four possible iterations. And once emptied, they all pack flat and stow neatly away.

Omni bags range from $19 to $72 and can be had here.

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