Idea International’s new LED clock has a dead-simple solution for streamlining nightstand tech: two USB ports, right on the clock’s face.

The seven-segment display trumps the iPhone’s tiny screen for its visibility.

The clock’s simplicity makes it equally accommodating: It can live at home or at work.

And two USB ports means there’s room for a second gadget (or person) to power up, too.

LED Clock with USB costs $70 and is available from Neo-Utility here.

An All-In-One Digital Clock And iPhone Charger

With two built-in USB ports, this sleek LED clock simplifies your nightstand.

Bedside gadgets tend to come in disparate parts: You have an alarm clock on your phone, but then where did you leave your charger? Or perhaps your phone is perfectly juiced up, but when you wake up to get water in the middle of night, you still have to fumble around with your screen to even see what time it is (and more importantly—how much longer you have to snooze).

True, these are all superficial speed bumps in the grand scheme of life. But that doesn’t make this new LED clock‘s streamlined approach to delivering the essentials—the time of day and a powered-up phone—any less satisfying. Idea International, the Japanese purveyor of ultra-minimal gadgets, built the clock with not one, but two, USB ports directly on the display screen. It’s a dead-simple solution that delivers some appreciated flexibility: Want a white clock to match a white iPhone? No problem. Need to charge a phone and an iPad? Easy. Have a guest? Say no more…

LED Clock with USB costs $70, and is available from Neo-Utility here.

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  • Jeremy Corbett

    @kompani the clock is just an LED with 2 usb ports for power. It works with any device. Fast Company seem to constantly use 'iPhone' to mean 'phone', which is quite weird considering only in the region of 25-30% of smartphone users choose apple.

  • Kompani

    Why is this product sold as charging iPhone and/or iPad, does it not charge all mobile phones and tablets? Is there something different about it's USB ports that does not allow its use for other products if so I wasn't aware of two different voltage standards for USB ports.