Bauhaus Living

The Bauhaus Dessau was once home to some of the 20th century's greatest artist and craftsmen, like Joseph and Anni Albers, Marcel Breuer, and Hannes Meyer.

Bauhaus Living

They lived and slept in the Prellerhaus, or Studio Building, designed by the architect and Bauhaus director Walter Gropius.

Bauhaus Living

Now you can sleep, eat, and shower where they once did.

Bauhaus Living

Following a small restoration effort, five new studio rooms have been opened to the public as overnight accommodations.

Bauhaus Living

The rooms start as low as $47 and feature original fixtures and furnishings.

Bauhaus Living

Guests check in here, the Prellerhaus, one of the buildings that make up the Bauhaus complex at Dessau.

Bauhaus Living

Balconies project from each of the building's small but spacious studio apartments.

Bauhaus Living

The Albers room is one of the three new personalized rooms, with furniture designed by the famous design couple.

Bauhaus Living

The room dedicated to the architect Franz Ehrlich features designs he made in 1950s East Germany, a curious curatorial anachronism that nonetheless goes down well.

Bauhaus Living

So next time you're in Dessau, consider sleeping like a Bauhausler.

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Bed And Breakfast And Breuer: Stay At The Bauhaus For $47 A Night

Offering sweet dreams for awestruck design pilgrims, the Bauhaus Dessau opens star student-themed (Albers, Arndt...) rooms to visitors.

"Spend the night like a Bauhausler." The tagline, pinched from the official Bauhaus website, answers every modernist-humanist-seeking-lodging's dream: Straggled visitors or awestruck pilgrims can book a room in the Studio Building ("Prellerhaus") at the famous digs at Dessau. For as little at $47, you can rent one of the block’s 20 flats, which were once home to the school’s immensely talented students.

The idea is to reconstruct the daily lives of Bauhauslers as they were 90 years ago, including collective bathrooms and showers and dining house. For those wanting a more personalized experience, the Bauhaus Dessau will soon be opening specially themed rooms.

The five newly upgraded flats, which will run at a slightly higher rate (starting from $60), once belonged to the school’s most illustrious residents. Three of them are outfitted with features that were either designed by or evocative of their former tenants, including Joseph Albers and the architects Franz Ehrlich and Alfred Arndt. In the Albers suite, furniture designs by the colorist populate the room, and broad splashes of red add a vibrancy to the white-and-grey boxes. Arndt's studio offers a whole suite of elegant wood-and-steel frame meubles.

All of the rooms were restored with the help of period photographs. True to the Bauhaus, they're simple and relatively sparse, though humanist in their proportions and with plenty of sunlight, thanks to the large glass windows. In the three personalized suites, the furnishings are bespoke. The reconstructed rooms feature Marcel Breuer bent-steel chairs and desks, which echo the projecting balconies of the Gropius building.

Thinking of following in Joseph or Anni Albers' footsteps? Plan your visit to the Bauhaus here.

[Image: Flickr user Steffen Zahn]

[Image: Flickr user Mompl]

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