Design In 30 Seconds: Nike On Why Design Matters

In this brief clip, Mark Parker, President & CEO of Nike, summarizes the importance of design to any brand or company: because "the world doesn't need more mediocre product."

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Produced by Fast Company Video.

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  • goodgoodgood

    It's probably been 5 years that I can't find ONE single decent looking nike pair of sneakers. Seems like everything needs to be weird, ugly, and flashing the most ridiculous colours one could ever think. And this guy is trying to talk about importance of design? da F...

  • Anthony Reardon

    Right on.

    I think Nike is spot on with the idea of user-centered design- particularly delighting the consumer.

    This as opposed to self-serving or even total disregard to design. I think for a brand that wants to realize its full potential, you need design that captures the imagination of the end-user... gets them excited about the idea of what that product/ service/ brand will do for their own self image and perception of other people around them. In other words, think about how your design supports their brand.

    Best, Anthony