Design In 30 Seconds: Airbnb On Brains Vs. Beauty

Joe Gebbia, the designer/co-founder behind Airbnb, shares a piece of age-old wisdom on the importance of functionality over aesthetics.

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Produced by Fast Company Video.

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  • Derek Van Oss

    Charles Eames might be a certain degree.

    There is such thing as the aesthetic usability effect.

    The aesthetic usability effect is where a user will perceive an attractive product as easier to use than an ugly one.

    It doesn’t actually matter if something is easier to use or not...if are perceived as such users will make subconscious concessions and overlook many functional difficulties.

  • Paco Torras

    Perfect point, Derek. There are hundreds of examples where function is put aside to reach beauty and create everlasting desired products. Some award winning and timeless chairs, maybe some designed by Eames, are good examples of this.