Co.Design Is Looking For An Information Design Editor

We want YOU!

The information design editor generates ideas for infographics, designs infographics, commissions infographics (both static and interactive) from illustrators, and curates the best infographics from around the web. You need impeccable taste and sharp news judgment, must know your way around a data set, and should be as comfortable visualizing how the price of the iPad has changed over time as you are creating a taxonomy of the world’s worst beer. This is a contract position with competitive pay. To apply, send your resume and a cover letter that includes at least one idea for an infographic to Co.Design Editor Suzanne LaBarre: slabarre at fastcompany dot com.

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  • Michael Senkow

    Ah if only I could clone myself, but I sadly can't do the same job at two different places :(.

  • Nicholas M. Cummings

    Sounds fun, love this blog... Definitely don't have any design résumé but could contribute some unique insights using my economics college experience plus my design and startup independent study (and maybe even my sports experience) to come up with some interesting things

  • loususi

    oh, uhm, heh heh — just read the end of the post, which obviously helps tremendously, right? ;]

    sorry for the confusion

  • Mary

    My daughterr might be interest in this job if she can work from home. She good at design and come up with idea. She love working from home