Mujjo's newest touchscreen gloves come in a leather-and-crochet combo.

The company's first touch-screen-compatible gloves came out two winters ago. They use conductive fibers that communicate with capacitive screens, so that no one needs to shed their gloves to send a text message.

The Ethiopian lambskin leather has excellent thermal properties.

The new exterior is mostly a sartorial upgrade. But now that the Mujjo team has had two years to tinker with the nanotechnology used in the fingertips, they've cut manufacturing costs by 30%.

Get the gloves for $125, here.

Touch-Sensitive Gloves Get A Cozy Winter Update

Mujjo’s newest tech-friendly gloves have a handmade look and a cheaper price tag.

Two years ago, when Mujjo released the first touch-screen-compatible gloves, our wintertime accessories finally caught up with our technology. Thanks to conductive fibers that communicate with capacitive screens, they saved us the hypothermia-inducing task of taking off gloves just to send a text message. Last winter, the Dutch accessories brand then issued a sartorial upgrade, redesigning the gloves in Ethiopian lambskin leather, which is known for both its luxurious feel and its high-quality thermal properties.

Now, Mujjo has put a crafty twist on the leather gloves by adding a crochet element. The new tough-and-cozy combo, says Mujjo cofounder Tom Canters, gives the look of the gloves "a noticeable and powerful tension," complete with "sleek lines and uniform dark tones."

The redesign also gives the Mujjo team a chance to announce another important development: After a couple years of tinkering with the nanotechnology used in the fingertips, the company can manufacture the tech for less and knock the price down by 30%.

Like their predecessors, the new touch-screen gloves are wind and waterproof. Unlike their predecessors, this pair wouldn't look like an interloper from the digital age posted on Etsy.

The gloves are $125, and can be found on Mujjo’s site.

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  • Croc Ography

    And this is exactly why I bought a Nokia Lumia... no special gloves needed.