You'll never have to fall asleep on your studio or office desk, thanks to the Fold-Inn.


As its name suggests, the system packs the comfort and practicality of an inn or hostel into a portable package.


The module consists of plywood screens fitted with fabric that fold in and out of a thin frame. They can be expanded and rotated to enclose a small bedroom.


The Fold-Inn designers say the system is ideal for workers who, after laboring late into the night, don't have the energy to seek out other accommodations.

This Portable Office Morphs Into A Bedroom

The Fold-Inn delivers shut-eye to those locked into intense office hours.

Architects, designers, and overworked types everywhere would probably love to have a Fold-Inn at their disposal. But would the portable workspace—that's also a bedroom—help with health and productivity, a modern manifestation of the siesta? A way for Rem to get his REM time? The cure for insomnia? Or would it just turn the studio into one big slumber party?

The project, which was recently exhibited at Dutch Design Week, consists of collapsible plywood boards that, accordion-like, can be expanded and joined at right angles to form a fully enclosed room, or folded neatly into a thin case for storage. It’s surprisingly spacious and offers more privacy than your average hostel dormitory.

While the Fold-Inn is ideal, arguably even extravagant, for in-office catnaps, its creators, Dutch designers Lieke Jildou de Jong and Alei Verspoor, see longer-term business applications. They envision the system being used by workers who are in from out of town or keeping extreme hours on a deadline and may now pass the night in the office, flatpack in tow, rather than crashing on a couch or making a not-worth-it commute home or to a hotel.

"During the day the space could be used for conferences, flexible workspaces, presentations, etc.," Verspoor explains. Should the work sessions and teleconferences go late into the night, the drop-down slat bed is always within reach.

For the more adventurous and anarchic worker, Verspoor fancifully suggests using the Fold-Inn to set up shop in vacant buildings (so you won't have all that pesky rent to worry about.)

Currently, Verspoor and de Jong are finalizing the Fold-Inn design and working out how to produce the product in a serial manner.

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