Called Prologue Teas, this series of packages is adapted from literary classics.

Flora Chan wondered what the essence of certain novels would taste and look like, if they were loose leaf teas.

Lolita, for instance, is a dark oolong and blood orange tea--notes that correspond to Nabokov's illicit and sensual plot.

The classic tales of Sherlock Holmes are rendered in black tea with vanilla notes.

The entire line is also outfitted in colors that connect to themes or visual imagery from the novels.

Next, Chan hopes to create seasonal chests of tea, each one with a new series of novels.


Your Favorite Books, If They Were Tea

A designer re-imagines literary classics as loose leaf teas, packaged in punchy graphics.

The Great Gatsby conjures many emotions—the nostalgia for a high school lit class, a romanticized notion of the Jazz Era, or by now, perhaps exasperation at its ubiquity after Baz Luhrmann got his hands on it.

Flora Chan's own musings got her thinking about tea, and more specifically, what The Great Gatsby might taste like were it reincarnated into an herbal beverage. According to Chan, it’s a green tea—inspired by the symbolic green light that Fitzgerald wrote about—with notes of apple, mint, blackberries, plum, and raspberries. Whereas the zany and unpredictable world of Alice in Wonderland would taste like a (highly caffeinated) maté with mango, lemongrass, pineapple, and coconut.

Chan designed the packaging of the Prologue tea series for a class at Parson's and the graphics were sourced directly from the books. "The vibrant colors in Alice in Wonderland parallel its colorful cast of characters," she tells Co.Design. "The windmills that Don Quixote infamously mistakes for giants, as well as Sherlock Holmes's iconic pipe, are featured as well. And the whale, of course, is Moby-Dick."

But rather than just adopt a symbol here, and a motif there, Chan created a template that she says could live on other tea-time interpretations of literature. Up next, she hopes? Seasonal chests of tea, each one with a new series of novels.

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