This mini-David Bowie is actually breaking the law: in Texas, children can't have "unusual" haircuts.

And equally insane is a law in Alabama prohibiting the carrying of ice cream cones in your back pocket.

Olivia Locher's photography series, I Fought the Law, catalogs these outdated pieces of legislation. The crime here? In Arizona it's illegal to keep more than two dildos in one home.

In Connecticut, a pickle is not a true pickle unless it bounces.

Californians may not ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.

Some laws are so absurd, they seem to defy physics. For instance, in Delaware it's illegal to wear form fitting pants at the waist. So, how do they stay up...?

And in Hawaii, one law that might actually have some common sense: coins aren't allowed to be placed in ears.

In Wisconsin, you'll pay the price if you shirk local tradition, and eat apple pie without cheddar on top.

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These Photographs Reveal The Absurdity Of Outdated State Laws

Whatever you do, don't get a fish drunk in Ohio.

Legislation is a slow moving process. So while we can update our operating systems during the time it takes to fold laundry, other things, like laws, tend to sit stagnant. This is why in Texas, it's still illegal to milk another person’s cow. In Wyoming, you’re not allowed to photograph a bunny from January to April. And in Ohio, you are breaking the law if you get a fish drunk.

When student photographer Olivia Locher stumbled across some of these outdated laws, "it kind of just hit me that I should turn these laws into photographic imagery," she says.

The result is her I Fought the Law series, which provides the perfect way to visualize some very peculiar national absurdities. There's the photo of a young boy, decked out as David Bowie, sporting an illegal mullet. Another image reveals pink ice cream melting on white denim shorts, because it's (somehow) illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket in Alabama.

It's illegal to ride a bike in a swimming pool in California.

And since no place is exempt (Seattle may be the smartest city in North America, but Washington State still has a law against civilians harassing Bigfoot), Locher says she plans to photograph all 50 states, and hopefully compile the insanity into a coffee table book.

[h/t Feature Shoot]

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  • Mark Matson

    I don't understand why these laws are considered outdated. At what point in time were they reasonable?

  • jhull515

    CA Bike Law makes complete sense because vert skateboarding was invented there by teens trespassing in EMPTY swimming pools.

  • ToddHuge

    Entertaining. So who's to blame for these 'absurd' laws, the absurd lawmakers or absurd business lobbyists?