Stunning Light Cube Justifies The Existence Of Dubstep

Before loading this video, you might want to wear sunglasses.

We know how comments work. So let us begin this story by admitting—warning even—that there be dubstep ahead. But friends, compatriots, like-minded design nerds, I promise it’s worth it.

This is Tesseract, a globetrotting light sculpture created by the photon gods at 1024 architecture. Visitors are encouraged to walk straight into the center of the structure—which is shaped like a tesseract, or a cube within a cube—where spotlights surrounded them to "evoke a future world," according to the designers.

"We simply want the audience to feel like being in a kinetic, dynamic space, that is fully ‘audio-reactive,’" 1024 partner Francois Wunsche tells Co.Design about the sculpture and the music that they created to go along with it. "We want the audience to actually experience space, to feel its geometrical characteristics."

The effect seems unbelievable, even through a computer screen. It's so incredible that you may forget, just for a moment, that you're actually listening to dubstep.

Learn more here.

[Hat tip: Creative Applications]

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  • Jericho Barker

    Great design of the light show ... it is pity that it was combined with this moronic sounds called DUBSTEP music...imagine this light-show installation how would look and feel on one of the techno parties during late 90s or early 2000s :)

  • Richard Ballermann

    Stab in the dark here, you don't like dubstep. Thats cool, but writing under the assumption that your audience doesn't like it either is as shallow as your interpretation that its only okay to listen to when you're staring at a bunch of flashing lights. Or is it safe to assume that the only people reading are designers and by natural extension also hipsters, in which case anything that falls outside of indie rock is simply "bad music" and should be ridiculed.

    Guess what? I'm a designer, and I really like dubstep. I also REALLY hate indie rock, yet last time I checked this wasn't a music blog.