"My desk plant keeps me productive and sane by making me smile every time I see it." @Lauren Turner

@melsegall uses these dinosaur planters in the conference room to help make meetings more meaningful.

@Maria Gomez says that her air plant "reminds me it's OK to think out of the box."

Need someone (or something) to talk to? "My elephant planter is great for bouncing ideas off of." @aamzthestudios

"#mydeskplant reminds me that it's too cold in my office to have a real plant and to bring a sweater to work each day."— @Kyla Timberlake

#mydeskplant "helps me think up new green biz ideas!" @Lori Duvall

@Marianne Navada says that her plant, "reminds me that there's always room for growth."

They say talking to a plant helps it thrive. Turns out it's mutual: "I bounce my ideas off #mydeskplant when none of my peers are available. He always helps me see clearly." @Kirsty Lee

Readers Respond: How Desk Plants Make You Productive

Our readers concur: desk plants are as important as office supplies when it comes to getting the job done.

Last week, Co.Design writer Eric Jaffe presented compelling new evidence from researchers in Norway on the power of plants to boost productivity. "Our brains expend a lot of energy on tasks that require direct attention. This mental fatigue can only be restored when we give our direct attention a break," Jaffe explained. "Sleep can do the job, but when we're awake, we can also refresh direct attention by shifting our minds to an indirect, or effortless form of engagement. Nature offers just this type of absorbing, restorative distraction."

Turns out, our readers agree that a little greenery can go a long way to restoring their creativity. We asked for pictures of your desk plants and above we present a slide show of some of your responses. Take a tour to see just how cleansing a little chlorophyll can be.

And what about you? Got a philodendron that helps you function? A sedem that keeps you sane? Share it! Send pictures our way through Twitter #mydeskplant or Pinterest.

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