Even type lovers have skin. Aesop's line of skin care products includes nourishing creams and oils that'll keep your dermis beautiful, while the exquisite type design on the labels will please the eyes. Try this $60 gift kit to start.

French paper engineer and children's book author Marion Bataille makes beautiful pop-up books that explore the typography of letters and numbers. "Pop-up books embrace a book's physical presence, and show that books can be more than just containers full of words," Bataille says. "Like a choreographed dance, pop-up books give a private performance to a reader, and likewise, it is the reader who brings a pop-up book to life." Purchase her books from $10 up on here.

Only got a few bucks to spend on a Christmas gift for a type lover? Get Type:Rider, a game that turns some of the world's most influential fonts into a multiverse of video-game worlds in which to explore. Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

For an incredibly detailed look behind the typography and design of the one of the world's most well-known logos, buy Logo For London, a beautiful and lavishly designed book about the history of the London Underground roundel. It's available for $21 here.

For the budding design mind in your family, you can't go wrong with Go: A Kidd's Guide To Graphic Design. Written by design rockstar Chip Kidd, the book is a wonderful and whimsical primer to typography, branding and imagery. It only costs around $10, too.

Love Futura? You and Wes Anderson, the director of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, have a lot in common. Why not spend some time getting to know Wes Anderson and looking at some Futura with The Wes Anderson Collection, an exhaustive study of the director's wild, whimsical, and Futura-filled world. You can buy it for $24 here.

Sick of Scrabbling in New Gothic? Andrew Capener's Scrabble Typography Edition reimagines the world-famous word jumble game with an assortment of 15 typefaces. Buy it for $199 here

There was a lot of stuff that Gary Hustwit didn't end up using in Helvetica, his 2007 documentary about the world's most popular font. Luckily, those extras have found their way into an enormous book collecting more than 100 hours of interviews conducted with some of the world's most important designers about Helvetica, architecture, and urban design. You can order it starting at just $15 here

Josef Albers wasn't just one of the best-known painters and educators to emerge from the German Bauhaus. He was also a typographer. It was in pursuit of color theory, however, that he recognized his greatest achievements, and his masterpiece on the subject — called, appropriately enough, The Interaction Of Color[/url — has made a beautiful leap to the iPad as a [url=http://yupnet.org/interactionofcolor/]$9.99 app.

Daytrader isn't just like Monopoly with stocks instead of cash... it's also Monopoly for type lovers, featuring some extremely well thought-out and beautifully designed type. Buy it for $34.99 here.

Ever wondered about the history of some of the more unlikely and esoteric symbols on your keyboard? Shady Characters by Keith Houston is the most entertaining and amusing book about the secret life of punctuation, symbols and other typographical marks you're likely to find. Buy a copy at Amazon for $16.

Just because you're at the Texas Hold'Em table all day doesn't mean you can't appreciate good design and type. Joe Doucet's ultra-streamlined, supremely minimal deck of playing cards is like design porn for the poker table.

David Bowie is as fabulous as he is multifaceted, and this poster by Mark Blamire is the same: a fluorescent-hued tribute to Ziggy Stardust made up of 101 typographic interpretation's of Bowie's name. You can buy one for £45.

Good type makes anything better. Even a big delicious jug of maple syrup, available from Best Made. $72

14 Gift Ideas For Type Lovers

You don't need to give people a book to give them the gift of good type.

Type is all around us. It dances on our screens, fills our books, flattens itself against our keyboards, and clings to the outsides of our buses. Yet so few of us see it for the vibrant and endlessly exciting realm of design it is... at least, not until it is pointed out to you for the first time.

101 typographic interpretation's of Bowie's name.

Perhaps that's why the gift of type is such a good one. If you've never thought about fonts and symbols before, it opens up a new world for you to explore. If you already love type, a gift with good type is just a gift you appreciate all the more. Above, 14 ideas to get you started.

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