A Visual Compendium Of Cameras from Pop Chart Lab features more than a century of photographic history compressed into one glorious print, from the days of the daguerrotype to the DSLR. Read our post about it here.

Still can't tell your Samwell Tardy from your Tyrion Lannister? Not sure which Stark ended up at the Red Wedding, and which one at the Wall? Confused about the incestuous geneology of the Targaryen clan? The Illustrated Guide To Game Of Thrones is the best way to unmuddle yourself.

If you think locating political boundaries on a map today is hard, imagine trying to do it 300 million years ago on ancient Pangea, where America is next to Morocco and Algeria and Antarctica is just a hop, skip and a jump away from South Africa and Chile. Check out more detail here.

If you've ever wanted to shake someone so hard that he never uses Comic Sans again, or just asked yourself why everyone doesn't use Comic Sans for everything, you should probably check out this infographic, explaining why everyone should care about typography.

Former Facebook design guru Nicholas Felton documents everything about his life. What he eats. How long it takes for him to brush his teeth. When he drinks his coffee. When he drinks his booze. How much time he spends with his girlfriend versus his mother. And then he pulls all that data together into an annual report filled with some of the most beautiful data visualizations you've ever seen.

The Periodic Table of Alcohol is what Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev might have come up with if his penchant for studying chemical cocktails was overwhelmed by his thirst for alcoholic ones. Figure out the chemical makeup of your favorite poison here.

Why are cookbooks filled with so much text? So wondered designer/illustrator Katie Shelly, who decided to deconstruct her favorite recipes into a meticulously illustrated pattern of its base ingredents and the processes by which they would be prepared. Check out more of her recipes here.

Cables that are a little more than two inches thick line our ocean floors, culminating in more than half a million miles in length, transmitting terabytes of data across the globe every second. Combined, they add up to more than half a billion miles of underseas cabling that power the Internet. And here's where all of them are.

Think your job's bad? Imagine gathering leeches by walking into a pond and letting them attach to your legs, stamping our impurities in sheep's wool in a mixture of urine and lime, or earning 30 cents an hour playing 12 hours of World of Warcraft a day. To see where your job stacks up, check out The Worst Jobs Throughout History infographic

Feeling better about your job after Worst Jobs In History infographic? Feel worse about yourself by comparing yourself to the Richest People In The World with this infographic. More details here.

If you have trouble articulating your feelings, you're not the only one. Discover 19 incredible emotions for which the English language has no words in this great infographic.

Every sports fan loves stats, but there are fewer gorgeous and more intuitive ways to visualize what those stats actually mean than this sexy piece of data viz that interprets the NBA's best players as statistical snowflakes.

There are only two spectrums truly worth knowing, the spectrum of visible light, and the spectrum of edible cheeses. Eat your way through the other kind of ROY G. BIV with Pop Chart's infographic cornucopia of cheese. More detail here.

How far have sneakers come in the last 100 years? From leather shoes with rubber souls to today's space-age Nikes, explore a century's worth of cutting-edge sneaker design in this incredible chart. More detail here.

One small file allowed a single hacker to measure the Internet activity of nearly half a million connected devices around the world. One of 2013's most stunning data visualizations was the incredible result.

Would you rather live in Marsh Farm Land or Washington? The Land Of The People With Dugout Canoes or Missouri? The United States Of The Home Ruler, or the U.S. of A? If these other, more literal names sound pretty good to you, check out this map showing the literal name of every state in the U.S.

Facebook keeping track of everything you do sometimes has its good side, like when they were able to quantify support of gay marriage across the United States in a beautiful map of ever-increasing tolerance.

It's not that hard to make your own hipster logo, as long as you follow these step-by-step (and tongue-in-cheek) instructions.

Holy infographics! Batman's worn a lot of crazy symbols on his chest and hurled a number of improbably shaped batarangs at villains over the years. How many? This many. Trace the evolution of the Batman logo thanks to this handy chart that proves the Caped Crusader is a design nerd, too.

How sans serif is your beard? Are your chin whiskers more of a Bodoni, a Times, or a Comic Sans? Exactly what typographical allegiances does your facial 'fro owe? And what is your favorite font’s beard brother? Use the Typography Beard Guide to find out.

No matter where you fall on the gun control debate, you owe it to yourself to check out this sobering data viz. Created by Kim Rees and Dino Citraro from Periscopic, this stark animation traces every single one of the 9,595 lives lost to gun murders in 2010. It’s as much a memorial as anything else. See the entire story here.

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The 21 Best Infographics Of 2013

When it comes to data viz, 2013 was the best year yet. Here are some of the best.

One of the basic laws of quantum mechanics is that information can never entirely be lost, only assume other forms. One of the most exciting forms information can take is that of the infographic, and over the past 12 months, Co.Design has covered some of the prettiest, most innovative design permutations information can take as part of our Infographic Of The Day series.

Image: "cornucopia of cheese" designed by Pop Chart Lab

Over the course of the year, we saw infographics on a wide range of subjects, including 20th-century camera and sneaker design, house alliances of The Game Of Thrones, a colorwheel of cheeses, undersea internet cabling, beard typography, Batman symbols, and much, much more.

For years, marketers without a lick of design sense were slapping clip art on any data set that came their way and calling the finished poster an infographic. In 2013, there was a backlash against shoddy infographics. Perhaps that's why it feels like this year's data viz design is the most sophisticated, and the most accessible, yet: infographics don't have to be stupid anymore to be for everyone.

For your end-of-year perusal, we've collected 21 of our favorite infographics of 2013 in the slide show above. On the data viz front, we can't wait to see what 2014 has in store. Enjoy!

Check out the top 20 ads of 2013, from our pals over at Co.Create.

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