Teroforma Whiskey Tasting Set

This kit has everything the budding whiskey evangelist needs to host a stylish tasting, including glasses, notepads to jot down thoughts on this rye versus that bourbon, a vocabulary card to buff up your whiskey-related lexicon, and a color spectrum card to decode your drink's hues. Get it for $50 from Teroforma.

The Porthole

Customers used to try to pilfer Martin Kastner's gorgeous vessels from the Chicago restaurant Aviary. Now, they're finally available for purchase. They work to infuse cocktails, teas and pretty much anything else you could think of, and sell for $99 each, from Crucial Detail.

FESTA Plastic Glassware

Party guests can skip the ugly disposable cups and go for this stylish stemware instead. The plastic party glasses come with removable colored stems that double as shot glasses. A set of two runs $19.70, or get set of four for $32.80 from KINTO.

99 Bottles of Wine

Author David Schuemann explores the inspiration and design thinking behind an array of wine packaging in his new book 99 Bottles Of Wine. The glossy photography makes it worthwhile for connoisseurs of both wine and design. Get a copy for $35.57 here.

Escape Tumblers

Add a little topography to your beverage courtesy of New York design firm Aruliden. The inverted bottom of these tumblers not only looks great, it keeps your drink cooler, too. $48 gets you a set of four here.

Ice Crushing Bag and Mallet

Who doesn't love a product that begs to be smashed? Crush your ice the fun way with this hand-stitched ice bag and wooden mallet. $42 at food52.com.

Crest Bottle Opener

This elegant solid brass bottle opener was designed using the least amount of material possible, proving that sometimes, less really is more. $60 from Fort Standard.

Swedish Lines Serving Tray

This tray from Post Studio will add a layer of graphic sophistication to your drinking experience. Available for $50 here.

Vitreluxe Glassworks Stump Glasses

These glass cups are molded in the shape of an oak branch. Each is unique and hand-blown by artist Lynn Everett Read. Get two for $72 here.

Everyday Drinking

No alcoholic education is complete without the wisdom of Kinglsey Amis, an expert on all things boozy. This collection of the writer's columns provides a stiff cocktail of recipes, advice, and observations for the classy drinker. Buy it for $11.83 here.

10 Gift Ideas For The Tasteful Alcoholic

For the innovative imbiber who won't settle for anything less than the boozy best, here are 10 gifts for the classy drinker in your life.

What to get the friend who aspires to Mad Men's boozy workdays and always has a fully stocked bar? Indulge his or her happy hour habit with beautiful drinking accessories, of course!

Image: Vitreluxe Glassworks Stump Glasses

From the fine wine connoisseur to the bourbon explorer to the beer snob just looking to crack open a cold IPA, here are 10 gifts to satisfy the predilections of the most tasteful of tipplers. Because if you're going to get smashed, you should always do it in style.

[Image: Courtesy of Fort Standard]

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