This is the D Clock, and it will make you look at time in a new way.

Each of its arms is actually a 3-D triangle, signaling your perspective to time is always subjective.

The K Clock is totally different. It turns each arm into a series of intersecting lines, calling out the uniqueness of each moment, maybe.

The P Clock bursts out from the inside.

Up close, it's a pretty cool effect.

The V Clock uses vanishing points to direct your eye to the hour and minute.

And the Z Clock is actually a pair of Vs that spin around one another to create catching, abstract designs.

Trippy Clocks That Challenge Your Perception Of Time

These simple 12-hour timepieces will make you look at time in a whole new way.

We all know that "time flies when you’re having fun." In other words, even though time is a constant, your mental state can seem to bend the laws of physics to make it flexible.

Tel-Aviv design firm Studio Ve is a bit obsessed with our perception of time. In the past, that’s led to the creation of a clock that unfolds like a sail. And now, that’s yielded a collection of new timepieces they’re calling Perspective Clocks, available for pre-order on Kickstarter now.

"We are especially intrigued with the classic clock movement—a simple, circular, mechanism but with great meaning," explains co-founder Ben Klinger. "The challenge is to interfere with this simple movement with our own added value."

So the clocks—of which there are five—still feature minute and hour hands that move clockwise. But each reconsiders the 12-hour analog mainstay in a new way.

For instance, "D Clock" looks totally ordinary head-on, but as you shift your point of view, you’ll realize that each hand is really a triangle, meaning time will look ever-so different depending on where you stand in relation to it. In this sense, D Clock captures our abstract relationship with time.

Meanwhile, K Clock is nothing like its sibling. Its minute and hour hands are not composed of the standard simple lines, but of several lines, configured in a burst pattern. As hours and minutes rotate, it feels like hundreds of lines are clashing at once (even though it’s really just a few dozen). What’s the K Clock meant to signify? You could probably write a doctoral thesis full of interpretations regarding the ephemeral nature of every ever-shifting moment, but it’s incredibly stimulating, with geometries that feel anything but predictable.

The final three clocks, P, V, and Z Clock, are a bit less academically fascinating than their peers, but any choice in this trio makes a stunning alternative to your average wall clock.

The Perspective Clocks are on pre-order now, starting at $45.

Buy them here.

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