The Tape Roll Gets A Revamp

This cheap, simple solution will save millions of people a second or two worth of aggravation a year!

A Chinese design team has just fixed the single most annoying thing about tape: finding the invisible %&@!-ing edge when it gets lost on the roll.

Rather than focus on developing an elaborate dispenser that wouldn't lose the tape's edge, Nanoin Design opted instead to revamp the tape itself. Their transparent tape has no glue at the edges, so you can just lift it up and start pulling. Thin black lines on the spool demarcate the glue-free perimeter, making it easy to identify the edges. And because the tape roll requires 25% less adhesive, it's more environmentally friendly than regular tape. Even better? It's easy to peel tape off once it has been put on, so if you're the kind of person who likes to save wrapping paper, this tape will make it painless to do so.

Nanoin's redesigned tape won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award for its ingenuity, and it's no wonder. It's a cheap, easy solution that will save millions of people a second or two's worth of aggravation a year. That's just great design.

[Image: Courtesy of Nanoin, Tape dispenser via Shutterstock]

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  • Ronald Tuan

    From the reverse way, people get a smart solution, it really gives a convenient way to use the tape without wetting. Off course it might cause some induce problem, however, market will decide if people like it or leave it. Nothing is perfect but works! it just like 3M post it!

  • Chad Hartwick

    if there isnt adhesive on the edges, it seems it would accidentally peal off or partially come off. This seems like it would be a pain in a lot of uses exactly like gift wrapping. if two gifts rubbed against each other on the way to the birthday party it would pull itself off.

    For some uses it makes total sense. Now I have to have 2 kinds of scotch tape. one with and one without edges... Ill just keep using the one with.

  • That "requires less adhesive" argument is so dumb. Making it thinner will have the same effect, so have you wondered why tape comes in different thickness? It's akin to saying not using tape at all is the most environmentally friendly.

  • Evan Jacobs

    True, but then the tape can lose durability, depending on the type of plastic used to make it.

  • Nathan Henrique

    the black lines can also be problematic - any paper wrap would be ruined by such lines. But overall, I like it.