It Is Now Possible To 3-D Print Your Unborn Fetus

Forget grainy black and white ultrasounds. The newest baby accessory is a 3-D doll of your fetus.

So you dropped some cash and upgraded to a 4-D ultrasound, and now you’re thinking to yourself, "Well I’ve already had my unborn baby’s glamour shots captured in every dimension known to man. Now how else can I prepare for my child's arrival?"

We’re glad you asked. Have you ever considered baby-proofing eating better rekindling relationships with estranged family members saving for college 3-D printing the little angel?

For $600, a company named 3D Babies will turn your ultrasound into a life-sized fetal sculpture, delivered in a satin-lined wood box that would be impolite to call a coffin.

Let's break down a few of the selling points, as stated on the company Website:

"Imagine holding your baby before he or she is born."

Just don’t drop it, because if you thought breaking a mirror was bad joojoo, just wait until you’re crawling around the kitchen floor, sorting the dismembered toes of your algorithmically printed offspring from dried pasta noodles.

"This is a great way to share the excitement of your new baby with family and friends."

Your friends will be every bit as accepting of this as they were when you told them that you’d looked at the research and decided not to vaccinate. And they definitely won’t debrief about your 3-D printed baby when they get in the car to drive home from dinner, and that's guaranteed, or your money back.

"Your 3D Baby will be a treasured family remembrance of your pregnancy and new baby."

Most definitely. Your new baby will just love seeing his or her plastic doppelganger displayed on the shelf right next to your Hummel figurines. It’s never too early to plant the seeds of sibling rivalry—especially for an only child.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, friends. Just wait until your kid is older and the 3-D printed fetus usurps the stodgy old baby book. It's a corporeal familial tome to be shared with countless first dates, countless last dates, and who knows, maybe even a few fiancees, too. The more the merrier!

At this point, I know what a few of you are thinking. You’re thinking, "Gosh, this baby printing service sounds like a part of the human experience I’d hate to lose out on, but I don’t want children" or "I adopted." That’s not a problem at all. You can still order a baby! And not just any baby, a celebrity baby, and not just any celebrity baby, but the ultimate celebrity baby. BABY NORTH WEST. Yes, that is the baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the culmination of the two most powerful DNAs in pop culture, sitting on your mantle, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "conversation piece," for a mere $250—that's $350 less than you may have paid for your own kid!

Order one here.

[Hat tip: WebProNews]

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  • Andy Lee

    Never had kids myself. but al those people heading into the hospitals to have an ultrasound, then calling this creepy, are contradicting themselves a bit.. You may not get a 3d plastic model at the end of one. but you get to see the baby and even get a printout if you like and many do.. So what's wrong with having a 3d printed model...

    Personally, I'd go with what my mother said, "We never had scans or any of that hi-tech stuff back when I had you three".( I am 53 years old now by the way) "and the only way to find out what it was, was to wait until it was born".. and lets be honest, that's how it should be now...

    However, there is still a part of me that thinks this technology is still in it's infancy. and it's use in medical research, cannot be denied. Imagine a surgeon, not having to rely on flat images. but having a complete 3d model. It has it's place for sure and is amazing technology. but for this NO

  • William B'Livion

    So first off, it's not creepy to have the ultrasound, the ultrasound isn't primarily for the parent to get an early look at the progeny, it's for the medical specialists to make sure everything is going all right. Not that they can do much at that point, but there it is.

    I don't think getting a 3-d image of the fetus is "creepy", I think it's just tasteless.

    And finally there are surgeons using 3d models generated from CT scans or MRI data, and you are right it is making them more accurate and faster, it truly is wonderful technology, but you don't put the fire extinguisher in the middle of the table, or front and center on the mantlepiece, you put it in a spot where it's not obvious, out of the way yet ready to hand.

  • I have 3 and lost 3. I think this is good if only to remind us that these aren't just 'fetus', but little people--even 'babies' that are growing inside their mom. The pain from losing them is terrible---it cannot be described.

    I can't say that I'd want any of my children whether alive or dead in this form, much the same way that I wouldn't want to sculpt them after seeing their sonograms. They're in God's hands. If you don't have children and haven't lost children, then you're working from a theoretical standpoint when forming an opinion here.

  • Comedian Katrina Brown

    I never wanted to HOLD my children before I had them. And as a woman who also had four miscarriages, I certainly wouldn't want four little paperweight reminders of the children I didn't get to have. My opinion? This is creepy.

  • It would be wonderful for women! And I just heard from one of my friends that a company called Linou is also about to launch the new product lines for wearable technology, I'm really excited about that.Check their site if u r intersted in wearable tech!

  • You know what? I could say this is disgusting, but I'm sure I'd be echoing the before-mentioned posts. Pregnancy is gross, yet, it creates a beautiful child. However, what's the point of preserving your fetus 3D print? Why would you want to be reminded of that unborn fetus to the point of creating it artificially? It just doesn't make any sense. It could also turn out even worse if the baby doesn't make it after the pregnancy, and there you have a 3D replica reminding you of that horrible incident. I don't know, I just say it's too much. It's only good for being art, not a keepsake.

  • Edwin Perello

    Oh great. Forget ultrasounds, now Texas will demand women get this done before every abortion.

  • Paul Burkhart

    That's a good idea! To actually show them there is a real person living inside them!