Think You Know An Old Wives' Tale From A True Health Fix?

Check out this infographic and take this quiz to clear up which commonplace health tips are genuine fixes and which are myths.

We’re all familiar with anecdotal health tips, from the commonplace (Vitamin C cures colds) to the freakish (peeing on warts makes them disappear.) A new visualization by Luke Clum for TwoLittleFleas clears up which of these are actual medical fixes and which are myths. An interactive quiz lets you test your knowledge and--spoiler alert--you might be shocked to learn that there’s no tangible evidence that Vitamin C helps colds, but there's plenty of research suggesting that chocolate really does lower blood pressure (score!).

“The inspiration developed from a few home remedies we stumbled across,” Luke Clum tells Co.Design. “It raised the question, 'How many of these are actually true?”

Clum and his team researched the scientific evidence behind common “cures,” from coconut oil’s weight loss benefits to aloe vera’s healing properties. “We played around a bit with the best execution for displaying these results, and decided that a standard quiz would probably have the greatest impact,” Clum says. Illustrator Leonie Wharton hand drew illustrations in both the interactive quiz and the standard infographic. “She did a wonderful job adding a soft touch of character to some rather troubling illnesses,” Clum says.

Getting familiar with this research might save you some money on expensive but ineffective “remedies”--while giving you a new excuse to eat chocolate.

Click here to take the quiz.

[Image: Aloe via Shutterstock]

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