Awesome Sass + Bide Ad Is Like Google Street View For Fashionistas

Australian brand Sass & Bide has created a luxe, interactive online ad.

In New York, Fashion Week has spawned all kinds of attention-grabbing marketing initiatives (like paying for Marc Jacobs perfume with a tweet). Meanwhile, overseas in Australia, clothing label Sass & Bide has launched an eye-catching 360-degree interactive ad--that you can also shop directly from.

Located in a sunny warehouse, the Sass & Bide scene looks like a Surrealist clothing swap. Forty versions of the same model are posed around the room, sporting the Spring 2014 collection. Visitors can tour through the panoramic shots by dragging the mouse around and zooming in and out (the motion feels almost identical to the visual experience of zooming down to street view using Google Earth).

New York-based photographer Terry Gates shot the Freetown campaign. The final digital experience is the result of 40 different images carefully stitched together, and is part of a surge in fashion houses finding ways to do more than just create yet-another catalog. Last year, for instance, Burberry launched Burberry Kisses and had Google scan senders' lips to send virtual smooches.

Tour Freetown here.

[h/t Fashionista]

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