Raindrops Are Actually Shaped Like Hamburgers And Other Problems With Scientific Illustrations

A great video explaining why maps are wrong, evolution doesn't work like that, and electrons aren't where you think they are.

Michael Stevens over at Mental Floss put together this video explaining 15 common inaccuracies in scientific illustrations. Turns out, our vision of everything from outer space to subatomic particles might not be quite correct. Thanks, textbooks!

Some of the inaccuracies are just because of logistics; there's so much space between the planets in our solar system that any diagram would have to either be miles long, or the planets would be too tiny to see. Same with maps; it's impossible to make an accurate two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional body like our planet, so we just kind of deal with the fact that maps are skewed. (Ever notice that Greenland and Africa appear the same size on a standard map? Yeah, they're not.) And some are just because we've, you know, learned some science over the past couple hundred years.

Anyway, great video!

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