Vizify took data from all of your social networks and presented it in a pretty infographic-looking way.

It was a paid service similar to or Rebelmouse.

But Yahoo just announced that they purchased Vizify for an undisclosed sum.

Vizify will shut down immediately, and paid users will be refunded.

No word yet on how Yahoo plans to integrate the Vizify team.


Yahoo Buys Vizify Just To Shut It Down

They'll refund users' money, but the company will cease to exist very soon.

Vizify is—or should we say, was—a company that collected all of your social information in one place. And now that one place is gone, since the company has been acquired by Yahoo for an undisclosed sum, and will be shut down soon.

Like or Rebelmouse, Vizify took data from all your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google, and put it in one central location to create a kind of living biography. Vizify's difference was in its analysis: it scanned through all of your data and compiled a graph that made connections amongst all of the details that you posted to social media. So instead of "here's a picture you uploaded to Facebook from your vacation," it might say "you've traveled to Spain," or "you have an interest in Spanish food." The data was represented by a big circle and would connect to other circles in order to show your interest in food or travel. It made, in effect, a visualization of the data that makes up your online life.

On its site this morning, Vizify announced the acquisition, also noting that the service will be shut down (or "sunsetted," in startup-speak). Its paid subscribers will receive a refund, and Vizify won't be accepting any new subscribers. A Yahoo spokesperson said via email, "We have found in Vizify a company that shares our passion for visualization technology and the user experience. The team of five has joined Yahoo’s media product organization in San Francisco." Neither company has said what sort of project may come of the acquisition, if any.

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