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Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World's Greatest Living Designer?

[UPDATE: Round 1 has ended. Check back on for results and to vote in the next round.] 32 men and women compete for the title of world's greatest designer.

Welcome to Co.Design Bracket Madness! With your help, we've compiled a bracket featuring some of the greatest designers alive. Your job is to help crown a winner.

How it'll work: You'll vote for your favorite designers. Then every other day, we'll post new matchups, you'll cast more votes, and we'll keep doing that until there's just one designer left standing. Will it be Jony Ive? Frank Gehry? Elon Musk?

The list of contenders isn't perfect. There are countless designers we wanted to include—many of them suggested by you—but owing to space constraints, we had to cap the bracket at 32. The final selection represents some, if not all, of the most talented practitioners in the fields of graphic design, interactive design, product design, and architecture.

[Graphic and Illustration: Gus Wezerek / Fast Company, Reporting by Mark Wilson and Suzanne LaBarre]

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