These are Nasty Icons, by Vincent Le Moign's company Webalys.

Rather than more dumb paperclips, they're 45 acts of sexuality and violence. They're basically the prime time television of the icon world.

"I've got this idea one evening in bed, before sleeping: what if these icons had their proper life, and started to acting nasty? Drinking, having sex? using drugs?... Like normal people (ah ah ah :-)," he writes us. "So I stand up, grab a pen and scribbled the first icons."

"Icons are an universal language," he continues. "They are the most common visual symbols that every people can understand. They are boring by essence, as they are created for legibility, not creativity. So yes: icons are too much civilized, but that's why they are efficient."

His icons blur the lines of creativity and civility. I mean, who can mistake what's clearly a guy getting sliced in half my a samurai sword...

...or a topless lady at the beach?

Le Moign doesn't see much commercial value in this adult-themed work, though.

Which is why he's put the icons free on his site.

All they'll cost you is a tweet, and you can use them for commercial use...

...if you find a client that's game!

"My other [more typical icon] [/more]packs are actually more popular, get more visits, and allow me to buy all this expensive booze," he says.

"Adult themed icons are rare so it's more an artistic fun project than a real need. But I would love to see more of them..."

If anything, at least we have an alternative to the old male/female bathroom signage, no?


Boobs, Bongs, And Cannibals: 45 Foul Icons You Can Download For Free

Every horrifying icon a budding graphic designer needs to race through his next deadline.

Pop quiz: Which emoji is the best emoji? Answer: The poo emoji.

I say that, not because of a proclivity to bathroom humor, but because the poo emoji is such an earnest, universal, and succinct method of communication. Before you can judge someone for using the crudest emoji of them all, the poo emoji forces you to look within yourself and acknowledge a simple, carnal truth: Everybody poops.

I adore Webalys's 45 Nasty Icons for the same reason. Whereas most icons (what we used to call clipart) are designed to be stand-ins for the most innocuous activities—sending emails, tweeting, and sleeping—Nasty Icons acknowledge the darker corners of the human condition: not just pooping and peeing (though both activities make an appearance), but bongs, boobs, drug overdose, the act of being sliced precisely in half by a samurai sword, and Santa being impaled straight through his cap with a hatchet.

It’s the perfect icon set for when another 30x30 pixel paperclip wrapped around a few sheets of notebook paper just can’t express your inner, frightened animal scurrying through existence one day of "I’m bestial, semi-erect, and not quite dead yet" at a time.

And as an added bonus? Nasty Icons are free for the cost of a tweet and fair game for commercial use. The first one to sneak a stoned Jesus past their paying client wins my admiration for life.

Download them here.

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