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The editor helps plan and edit Co.Design’s daily news feed, generates story ideas, and handles some site maintenance, such as programming newsletters and populating social media channels. You must have experience as an online editor, and you should feel as comfortable editing a 250-word news item as you are shaping a 2,500-word feature on a secret Chipotle burrito. A background in technology or business journalism is a plus, but not required. This is a contract position with competitive pay. To apply, send your resume, cover letter, plus three feature ideas to Co.Design Editor Suzanne LaBarre: slabarre at fastcompany dot com.

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  • Jon Bergeron

    I can't find an email address to ask this question so here goes:

    Did all the current prominent software designers go to the same one or two universities; OR are the premier design colleges in the world influenced by the exact same small group of people?

    I ask because today when I was looking at the new Android L design it struck me; the designs throughout all of software, system agnostic, are beginning to become homogenized. It seems to me that this decade all the prominent designers think eerily alike much too alike to be coincidence.

    There are differences to be seen however as a whole the design language is becoming very similar as the new lead designers are finally seeing their influence in fullness.

    None of the designs are horrible but with all software gravitating to the same design it gets staid incredibly quickly.