Google just showed off some pictures of its brand-new Amsterdam office.

Google's offices tend to draw inspiration from the city they're in, like a Stanford-like campus for its California headquarters and a loft space for the Chelsea offices in New York.

The Amsterdam office features stroopwafel ceiling tiles.

There are also lots of fun little touches, like neon signs and exposed brick.

And, of course, a foosball table. Are you legally allowed to have a Google office without a foosball table? We'll consult our lawyers and get back to you.

Weirdly, some of the meeting rooms are in these mobile-home-type structures within the office, complete with lawn chair and grill.


Google's New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch

There are ceiling panels designed to look like stroopwafels.

Google's offices, though always Google-y, tend to take inspiration from their location. The original campus in Mountain View is sprawling and sunny, like an alternate-universe Stanford. The New York offices, on the far West Side, are industrial and loft-like. (More examples: London, Pittsburgh, Dublin.) And the new Amsterdam offices have stroopwafel ceiling panels.

Designed by D/DOCK, a local studio, the Amsterdam offices feature a mix of Google's in-house style and Dutch design cues. There's brick and graffiti, which are a hat-tip to the company's origins in a garage (though the actual Google garage is more suburban and less cool). There are the traditional trappings of startup offices worldwide, by which we mean, yeah, there's a foosball table.

But the design is also identifiably Dutch. There's a quirkiness to Dutch design, a playfulness that transforms the basics (which can be quite minimal) into something fun. Hence the stroopwafels, the reception desk that looks like a cargo area for a cruiser bicycle, and the 1960s caravans that serve as meeting rooms (complete with folding chairs and nonfunctional wood grills). Looks fun!

[via Designboom]

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