13 creative workspaces, submitted by you: http://www.fastcodesign.com/3028116/11-creative-workspaces-submitted-by-you by Pavithra Mohan via @FastCoDesign

The Runway Incubator has an igloo.

Genuine Interactive employees get creative in their office cabin.

Wall plants, light, and open space perk up the CreativeLive office.

Shutterstock employees climb out of the rabbit hole in their Wonderland Game Room.

We spy some exposed brick at the O3 World agency.

"My warm, simple home office for writing and scheming," says Anna Raddatz.

Why not bounce your ideas off a furry friend? Meet the Fundrise dog, Zappa.

The 1776 office has a bedspring chandelier.

Matchstick has some juicy red lips to lounge on for inspiration.

The Kelly Towles mural installation at Threespot matches the bright colors in its redesigned office.

BIGfish keeps it "striking and fresh" with minimalist furniture.

Life-size chess isn't just for Harry Potter, as Chegg reminds us. "To put students first, we embrace the student mindset--and strategize," the company says.

Birchbox keeps its people inspired with office concerts, the diva cave, an in-house gong, and more.

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Check Out The Awesome Creative Workspaces Of Co.Design Readers

We asked our followers to send us pictures of their creative work spaces. Here, we feature some of our favorites. To submit yours, tweet a photo to @FastCoDesign using #MyCreativeSpace.

Last week, we asked you to tweet us photos of your cool work spaces. We hoped that your creative nooks would inspire others, in the same way that these workspaces of 14 leading creative minds inspired us. The article featured shots from photographer Todd Selby's latest coffee table book, Fashionable Selby, which gives us a peek into the colorful creative zones of Andrew Logan, Nicola Formichetti, Fred Butler, and others.

For the most part, the work spaces have tabletops brimming with swatches and notebooks, and mood boards full of textures and fabrics that will soon become finished garments. Many of the studios offer tantalizing peeks at the designers' sources of inspiration. Van Herpen, for example, has a mood board in her Amsterdam office filled with feathers and bits of skeletons, which likely help her imagine her 3-D printed dresses. Isabel Marant, whose designs often have unusual, sculptural silhouettes, has a studio devoid of sketchbooks, because she crafts by draping and playing with fabrics. And several others simply work in a nest of chaos—evidence, perhaps, that a messy office can make you more creative?

Thanks for sending responses—many of you work in lovely spaces (lucky)! If you sent us a photo, you might just find your work area on display here, or on our Pinterest board. And we'd love to see more of your spaces, so keep them coming! Shoot us a tweet at @FastCoDesign with the hashtag #mycreativespace. Here, some of our favorites so far:

[Image: Unsplash.com]

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