Rapid Madness

The big ticket item in the line. You pump-charge it like a SuperSoaker, then a flurry of darts unloads on a target in 3 seconds.

Twister Spinner

A gatling gun that celebrates its own mechanics by superfluously spinning the chambers like a rotary phone between shots. You pump to shoot.


The Farshot pistol feels like the core of the BOOMCo. line. Note the pop-up shield. It's coated to catch an opponent's SmartStick darts.


This single-shot pistol looks small enough to be a key chain, but packs surprising kickback.

Dual Defenders

This is essentially a two-Farshot pack for kids who have at least one friend (or just two hands).

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First Look: Mattel Reveals Secret Line Of Blasters, 3 Years In The Making

Mattel debuts the superbikes of the toy gun world. Move over, Nerf!

For two decades, Nerf has ruled the dart gun "blaster market" virtually uncontested. Today, that changes, as Mattel reveals a secret project almost three years in the making, a new line of blasters dubbed BOOMco. The line of four blasters will be available in the U.S. this summer, ranging from roughly $10 to $60.

Designed to look and feel like the superbikes of toy gun world, they fire faster and straighter than Nerf blasters. (And let me say, it’s a strange feeling to aim a blaster and have it shoot where you intended!) But BOOMCo.’s greatest competitive advantage is right on the dart tip: Mattel has replaced Nerf’s wonky plungers with a proprietary compound developed by its in-house Chem Lab (the same lab that invented Slime).

Dubbed SmartStick, this substance doesn’t feel sticky, and it won't cling to your fingers, clothes, or walls. However, when fired at a designated target, the dart tip will splat to the surface like gum. Mattel's Chem Lab developed a chemically complementary, lock-and-key system that lets the target and dart tip stick and then unstick again and again.

Fast Company was invited to Mattel headquarters to take an exclusive first look at BOOMCo. We’ve shared a video tour, filled of lots of pew pew splat splat, above. And we’ll be publishing our deeper dive into the development of this new brand of toys soon.

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  • As the mom of a 7 year old with a full Nerf arsenal - I can see where we will be going next. Yes, I have my own piece. Self-defense baby! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

  • What a great looking line. I worked on a blaster line some 10-years ago while working as a project designer for Mattel (MML) and glad that this team could bring one to market. With only Nerf, Buzzbee and a couple in-house brands, Mattel should have a nice business in the category with BoomCo.

  • Wayne Glatz

    Got nothin' on my Johnny 7 I had as a kid! Complete w/hard plastic bullets and a grenade launcher....real safe!

  • Very few toy makers put thought in their "playables", they just want to sell their shit, but companies like Mattel and Nerf do just the opposite because they think and develop in terms of family-fun not just another cheap kid's toy. Keeping my eyes on the store shelfs..

  • John Volker

    I am a 62 year old prof and that video made my grin like a ten year old boy. Summer is coming!

  • In today's 'suspend-a-kid-for-chewing-a-pop-tart-into-a-gun-shape', politically correct insanity culture, I give Mattel a LOT of credit for bringing this out. Way to go, Mattel! (and the blaster looks pretty darn awesome, too - I love the 'sticky' dart tips)