This Palm Springs Wexler house boasts a swimming pool and cool concrete floors to make you forget you're staying in the middle of the desert.

Located in Barcelona's Eixample district, this house combines 19th-century Gaudi architecture with mid-century modern furniture.

This Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, has been featured on the Travel Channel's Amazing Vacation Homes show. Apparently it has great bird feeders, too.

This glass-enclosed Atlanta house would make you feel like you're staying in a giant prism.

Heading to Palm Springs? Maybe you'd like to stay in a beautiful angular bungalow with one of those ceiling-mounted swing chairs in the living room.

According to its listing, this Oaxaca house says it contains "a tower volume which, in search of the sea, interrupts its opacity at strategic points until it achieves complete openness at the level where nothing blocks its views over the Mexican Pacific Ocean." I don't know what that means, but this is an awfully pretty palace!

Yet another house in the mid-century hotspot that is Palm Springs, California. This one boasts stylish, muted furniture and great views of the desert mountains.

A perfect sun-lit loft in Mexico City costs about as much as a daily coffee does in New York City.

Is there anything more Scandinavian than a spotless white house? This Copenhagen loft also comes with two bicycles because of course it does.

Or maybe you'd rather stay off the grid in the appropriately named Pioneertown, California. Near Joshua Tree, this house has no Wi-Fi and no TV--but it is a totally green house surrounded by nature.

This spacious loft in Edogawa boasts tatami floors and a stainless-steel kitchen, in a blend of old and new Japan.

Or maybe you'd like something smaller? The Nakagin Capsule Tower is a rare treat, even if it's not as airy as some of the others on this list. Each apartment is built almost like a ship's cabin, all tiny and efficient.

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12 Of The Coolest Modern Houses You Can Rent On Airbnb

Here are a few of our favorite modern designs on the rental site Airbnb, from mid-century modern gems in Palm Springs to a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Wisconsin.

We can't always afford the kind of beautiful, austere modern housing design that we love; even just the furniture can break the bank, let alone the house itself. But it can be surprisingly affordable to rent an incredibly gorgeous modern house or apartment, and Airbnb, the online rental service, has made it really easy to find amazing places to stay. We collected 13 of our favorites, located all over the world, from Wisconsin to Oaxaca to Copenhagen to Tokyo.

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