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Heading to the mountainous southern part of Austria? This teeny cabin has a weird sort of Brothers Grimm feel. In a good way, we think.

Deep in the forest of Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco, lies this handmade cabin. And we mean deep: it's 45 minutes to the nearest grocery store.

Head further south down the Pacific coast to San Diego to this beautiful little art studio. It's small, but it has a pool!

This tiny cabin in Rio Negro, Argentina, isn't quite like any other tiny house we've seen--for one thing, it's shaped like a pyramid.

Sure, it doesn't have a bathroom, but this hand-crafted gypsy-style wagon in Seattle can apparently sleep three.

Only 10 blocks from Seattle's famous Pike Place Market, this miniature cottage is on the same grounds as the gypsy-style wagon.

This is a caboose in Virginia. An actual caboose. Your inner child will adore it.

In far north New York, just shy of the Canadian border, lies this classic handmade tiny house. Sleeps two, barely.

In Santa Cruz, California, you can truly live the mushroom lifestyle. In this mushroom-shaped house, we mean. Or whatever.

Heading to L.A. but want a Lake Tahoe feeling? Maybe this cozy cabin is what you want.


10 Tiny Houses You Can Rent On Airbnb

Itching to try out the tiny-house lifestyle but don't want to actually live in one? Try these.

Tiny houses—and we mean really tiny—are having a moment. And we love them! We love that they're so compact, like dollhouses. We love that they only have enough space for the essentials, and that everything fits neatly where it needs to go. We love all the little tricks architects use to stuff a full house's worth of appliances and functionality into only a couple hundred square feet at most. But we also are lazy, and don't really feel like uprooting our own lives for tiny houses. Luckily, there are lots of perfect teensy houses on Airbnb that can be rented, all over the world, from cabins to Airstream trailers to treehouses. Check out 10 of our favorites in the slide show above.

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