1221 Broadway by Lake|Flato Architects

The architects adapted a previously vacant and vandalized building shell in San Antonio to create a luxury downtown apartment building that uses 30% less energy than other buildings of its type. The project has been a major catalyst in revitalizing this neighborhood along the San Antonio River.

Informal House by Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc.

This southern California home was custom-designed for a four-person family. Multiple buildings linked by gardens create a combination of indoor and outdoor living space.

28th Street Apartments by Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc.

A historic building, once the home of a YMCA, was restored for two nonprofit organizations that offer youth employment services and supportive housing for the mentally ill, the homeless, and those exiting foster care.

Kicking Horse Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

A weekend home for a family of five near a Canadian ski resort is designed to offer great views and access to nearby trails, while still maintaining its energy efficiency during long periods without occupants.

Merritt Crossing Senior Apartments by Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

A high-density, affordable apartment building for seniors provides plenty of communal spaces to prevent isolation of its residents. Situated next to a freeway in downtown Oakland, the building’s south facade is layered to provide protection from sun and sound.

Cherokee Studios by Brooks + Scarpa

This Los Angeles condo building features an adjustable screen facade system that occupants can open and close at will. The building is 40% more energy efficient than the U.S.’s most demanding energy code (California’s Title 24) requires.

Park Passive by NK Architects

Seattle’s first certified Passive House, a 3-story modern home, reduces energy consumption by 90% without sacrificing aesthetics.

Sol Duc Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects

A client with a penchant for fly fishing wanted a low-maintenance, compact and virtually indestructible cabin. Most of the 350-square-foot cabin was made from pre-fabricated materials, reducing waste on-site. The stilts protect the structure from occasional floods.

Sweetwater Spectrum Community by Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

A residence for adults with autism features a predictable, simple environment that reduces sensory stimulation like ambient sound and visual patterns and allows individuals to customize their living spaces according to their needs.

Topo House by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

This home for a Wisconsin couple, a biomedical engineer and an artist, is designed to resemble wind-blown prairie grasses. It’s built to withstand the Midwest’s severe storms and weather fluctuations.


The Most Fabulous Houses Of 2014

Today, the American Institute of Architects released its list of best residential design. Check out the winners here.

Every year, the American Institute of Architects honors the best residential design in the U.S., recognizing, as the organization puts it, "good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and a valuable national resource."

Today, the organization announced its 2014 AIA Housing Awards, which highlight ten diverse projects from a beautiful weekend home near a British Columbia ski resort, to a Los Angeles condo building with an adjustable facade, to a breakthrough housing development that supports adults with autism in Sonoma, California. All of the residences incorporate energy-efficient features, such as green roofs, natural ventilation, and passive solar design that helps keep the interior comfortable with a modicum of energy output.

Check out the winners in the slideshow above.

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