A Dartboard To Test Your Odds Of Being Murdered

A brilliant chart on Honduras murder rates doubles as a game of Russian roulette that anyone can play.

Good infographics organize and clarify information. Great infographics unveil deeper, darker truths.

That's what you get with the Economist's article-chart on Honduras murder rates. It's essentially an infographic but with a truly interactive component. The magazine calls it (a bit cheesily) Blood on the Page. In it are listed murder rates in Honduras—a medium-scary sounding 1:599. The chart also doubles as a game of Russian roulette that anyone can play.

First, you rip the page out and hang it on the wall. Know that a red square takes up exactly 1/599 of the page, so if you throw a dart its way while being blindfolded, your odds of striking red are the same as a man being murdered in Honduras (as of 2012).

Now, maybe the point still hasn’t hit home. To make the point more poignantly, The Economist plays the 1:599 odds out over the average Honduran man’s 71-year life expectancy. That means if you throw a dart and hit anywhere on the entire infographic, you’ll experience the real odds of being murdered as a Honduran male in his lifetime: a stomach-clenching 1:9.

Nice that it's just a game for most of us, isn’t it?

[Hat tip: imgur]

[Image: Honduras via Shutterstock]

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  • Nice design. Just thinking: Why not using that creativity to think about solutions to narrow down that number instead of designing ways to show information ?! I'm Honduran. Unfortunately isn't just a game, but a reality for more than 7mi people. We need help...we need solutions.

  • Johann Melgar

    Brilliant way to convey the point, sad to hear such horrific news of my country. May God have mercy of our beloved Honduras.