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Next-Gen Music Animates Exactly What You Hear

Trippy music visualizers pour Pixy Stix straight into your eyes and ears.

First we had radio. Then we had MTV. Eventually we got YouTube. Now, could music visualizers be the new jam?

Maybe! Because if you’d like to experience electronic band George & Jonathan’s third album, you can of course listen to it on iTunes or SoundCloud, but better still, you can head to their site and watch each song play as a full-spectrum music visualization.

While you won’t see any notes in the traditional sense, the animation appears to be a 1:1 depiction of the actual music. Each instrument gets its own track, and sparks to life in neon colors as the song plays—while corresponding to the music's rhythm and pitch.

Meanwhile, you can change your angle of view from a simplistic 2-D overhead that resembles a score, to 3-D perspectives that look more like Tron’s light cycles battling in space than anything you might consider music.

More and more, we’re seeing musicians dabble in the interactive space. Bjork, Radiohead, and Passion Pit have all released interactive tablet-albums in the last few years. And while no one seems to have cracked the code for what might be the next style of music video just yet, it does appear to be pixelated.

Try it here.

[Hat tip: FlowingData]

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