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Exclusive Infographic: The Great Wheel Of Food Mashups

From the Cronut™ to the unholy Cheetos macaron, 29 culinary pairings prove that hybrid foods are all the rage.

[Photo: Martiapunts via Shutterstock]

If you want to make your culinary creation go viral, make it a hybrid. Just ask Dominique Ansel, whose trademarked donut-croissant mashup inspired Cronut-crazed customers (and scalpers) to line up outside his bakery at 5 a.m. for an entire summer. When Waffles Cafe in Chicago began selling the "wonut," a waffle-donut combo, sales skyrocketed. And it’s not just sweet concoctions: Taco Bell considers its Doritos Locos Taco to be its most successful product, netting the company more than $1 billion since its 2012 launch.

Co.Design took a look at the hybrid food landscape, and all the ways chefs (and savvy marketers) have found to combine our favorite foods, in whimsical (Ansel’s milk-and-cookie shot), unexpected (an eggocado?) and occasionally monstrous ways. Looking at you, Cheetos macaron.—Shaunacy Ferro